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ReferralCandy is now more Mobile Friendly. Sweet!

So I was just having a casual chat with our product software development team today, and they made a remark on how they had come up with some small features to improve our product.

“What’s that?” I asked, thinking that it would be something obscure about HTML tags.

“Well, we are using this new method called Responsive Design to make our ReferralCorner pages more mobile and iPad friendly for our customers. Basically, the page layout automatically optimizes itself to fit the size of the browser window you are viewing it in.”

The ReferralCorner page is where your customers go to share coupon links with their friends and get rewarded for each successful referral.

Here’s how your ReferralCorner looks like on a smaller screen before the Responsive Design.

No Responsive Design, no good.
No Responsive Design, no good.

Here’s how it looks like with the new Responsive Design:

Responsive Design. It's just Sweeter.
Responsive Design. It’s just Sweeter.

It’s much neater than before, and fits great for mobile and small tablet browsing: the way of the future. The words fit right into the window, like water filling up a container. Sweet.

The price of such elegance? About 50 hardworking developer hours. Well done guys!


ReferralCandy is a customer acquisition tool used by hundreds of ecommerce retailers and business owners around the world.

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