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How to Choose the Right Referral Incentives For Your Referral Program (With 20+ Examples!)

At ReferralCandy, we know that choosing the right referral rewards can be daunting. With so many options – cash or custom reward, flat discount or percentage – merchants ask us all the time about...

Building the Perfect Sales Relationship Funnel (Ebook)

Get this ebook to learn how to build long-term trust and loyalty among your customers using growth and sales tactics that drive revenue

How to Diversify Your Customer Acquisition Channels Beyond Ads

“With the growing cost of traditional online advertising and pay-per-click advertising, costs have risen so much that brands are looking for other ways to tap into new audiences,” Curie founder Sarah Moret...

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10+ Top E-Commerce Referral Programs to Learn From

10+ Top E-Commerce Referral Programs to Learn From

What is a referral program? A referral program or a “refer-a-friend” program is a marketing strategy used by many top e-commerce brands to incentivize existing customers to recommend the brand and its products to their...

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