Online Travel Booking Referral Program Examples – Journeyful

Samuel Hum
Samuel Hum
April 6, 2017
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Online Travel Booking Referral Program Examples –  Journeyful

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The world is full of great travel destinations, but actually travelling can be a bit of a pain. Journeyful wants to make travel better.

Journeyful travel app products ReferralCandy

Their apps are built from a desire to create a level playing field for everyone: hotels, travel agents, and customers.

They're calling their referral program 'the most comprehensive rewards program in travel'.

Journeyful rewards program overview ReferralCandy

From the looks of it, they aren't joking.

Let’s find out what's special about their referral program:

1. Referrals that will keep on rewarding forever!

Journeyful invite your friends ReferralCandy

Journeyful’s referral process is slightly different from others:

  1. Ben gets $25 for signing up at Journeyful
  2. Ben refers Mary
  3. Mary gets email being invited to sign up; gets $25 for signing up
  4. When Mary makes a booking, she gets a $X booking reward that she can use in future.
  5. Ben receives the same $X as referral reward.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 forever...

Yes; the key thing here is that Ben isn't given a one-time reward for referring Mary. He’ll keep on getting rewarded every time Mary makes a booking!

Even if Ben stops using Journeyful for a while, he’ll keep receiving referral rewards from Mary and friends. This will nudge him to make some bookings so he can utilize the discounts.

2. Customers get up to 8% of total booking fees as cash rewards and referral rewards.

Journeyful booking rewards example ReferralCandy

When Mary makes a purchase, she can earn booking rewards of up to 8% of her booking fee.

Judging from the screenshot above, that can amount to a few hundred, or maybe even a thousand dollars!

The best part? Ben will earn that same amount as a referral reward!

3. Hotels can create customized reward campaigns to attract new and reward loyal customers.

Journeyful support hotel custom referral campaigns ReferralCandy

This promotes healthy competition amongst the hotels, as hotels would try to create the sweetest deals to attract new customers. This ultimately equates to a win for customers.

Customization of their own reward conditions also provides hotels with a chance to reward their loyal customers.

Stuff to note:

  • The more you give, the more they'll like you and return to you - By rewarding customers for engaging in multiple core actions, such as purchasing and referring friends, Journeyful has created a cycle that keeps motivating them to make more bookings and refer more friends.
  • Have confidence in your customers - Some may argue that enabling customers to receive lifetime referral rewards encourages customers to try to game the system. But Journeyful displays great confidence in going ahead with it, and the customers will be able to feel that trust.
  • Build your entire business around making your customers happy - Judging from their many different types of rewards offered, it's obvious that Journeyful has put their customers before anything else. That's the first thing customers will notice, and it'll be something worth telling their friends.


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Samuel Hum
Samuel Hum

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