26 Of The Best Shopify Themes In 2022

Cheryl Teo
Cheryl Teo
August 30, 2022
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26 Of The Best Shopify Themes In 2022

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What are the best Shopify themes available?

We're always hearing from retailers and experts that getting the right theme for your store is one of the most important things you can do. Besides, there are some truly beautiful ecommerce websites out there that leave a great impression.

A good Shopify theme could make the difference between having your store be professional or frumpy, stylish or sluggish. It can literally make or break your online store.

Here are some of our favorites.

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What are the best Shopify Themes for your ecommerce website?

(Last updated: 30 August 2022!)


Shopify's very own free theme topping the charts in their theme store. Dawn serves as a chic and minimalist design so that products take center stage with large imagery, crisp lines, and simplified fonts that keep buyer attention focused on what matters. The best part is that Shopify constantly rolls out updates so you never have to worry about compatibility!

1. Kalles

Pricing: $89

Reviews: 889

Rating: 4.99

Kalles is a Shopify theme that allows brands to build a robust online store that provides a smooth and seamless shopping experience for their consumers. Kalles is built for a variety of various online businesses, with a modern design, minimalist feel, and a variety of specific demonstrations. Display products in a stylish manner and make it simple for consumers to explore, choose, and buy.

2. Gecko

Pricing: $99

Reviews: 653

Rating: 4.99

Gecko is Shopify theme that is jam-packed with incredible features, and with endless options, and unmatched versatility, easily create a store that suits the needs of your business, is in line with the brand, and exceeds expectations in a matter of clicks.

3. WOKIEE Shopify 2.0

Pricing: $89

Reviews: 434

Rating: 5.00

WOKIEE Shopify 2.0 Theme is more than the usual theme. This is a powerful ecommerce solution. Updated for Shopify 2.0 CMS, optimized with good performance. There are a lot of predefined skins/layouts for your specific requirements—86+ homepage layouts with predefined structures for your specific needs, six product page variants, seven collection page variants, and more.

4. Fastor

Pricing: $56

Reviews: 1,600

Rating: 4.88

Also updated for Online Store 2.0, Fastor allows for better website performance even with more features. Sections can be added to all pages, not just the homepage, unlocking a range of new opportunities to personalize every aspect of your store.

5. Shella

Pricing: $59

Reviews: 216

Rating: 4.98

Shella is a responsive, fashion Shopify theme. It supports Shopify's Online Store 2.0 and has over 99 pre-designed pages for ecommerce operators to choose from.

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6. Porto

Pricing: $99

Reviews: 255

Rating: 4.82

Porto is a powerful package that has everything you need for your Shopify store. It has all the required tools and features to create a super fast and responsive website with an amazing UI and UX experience. The theme boasts over 20 niche demos & layouts and styles that allow you to create your own modern Shopify store.

7. Ella

Pricing: $89

Reviews: 717

Rating: 4.82

ELLA is an all-in-one Shopify template supporting Online Store 2.0 with multiple layouts and styles that allows you to create different structures and any specific requirements as well as provide you with numerous varying themes for different kinds of business. This theme has over 22 homepage and skin layouts, more than nine stunning shopping pages, product pages, and styles of headers and footers.

8. Avone

Pricing: $79

Reviews: 401

Rating: 5.00

Avone is a fully responsive and powerful theme that is compatible with Shopify's Online Store 2.0 update. Avone features over 1000 theme options with over 28 stunning homepage designs and functionalities, making it the most customizable theme in the market. Avone is a favorite among industry professionals and experienced merchants.

9. Refresh

Pricing: Free

Refresh is another free Shopify theme with a clean and modern design. The segments emphasize product details where brands can share testimonials, ingredients, quality information, special certifications, and more with adaptive section layouts.

10. Electro

Pricing: $89

Reviews: 219

Rating: 4.89

Electro is a clean, modern, user-friendly, responsive, and functional Shopify theme with a vertical menu. It is compatible with Shopify's Online Store 2.0 update! 

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11. Retina

Pricing: $210

Retina features beautiful testimonial sections, featured product callouts, and other features that help build brand trust. The theme also has a user-friendly editing experience and simple layout options making creating a professional-looking store as simple as possible.

12. Icon

Pricing: $240

Icon is a Shopify theme that allows merchants to promote products within products with meta fields to drive upsells, highlight complimenting products and increase the average order value. It also allows for increased product visibility with built-in Online Store 2.0 filtering with color swatches. Customers can break down large collections into manageable sizes.

13. Minimog

Pricing: $79

Reviews: 269

Rating: 4.99

Minimog is created with the most modern and sophisticated design and catered to a number of popular niches like Clothing & Fashion, Food & Drink Pet, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty. It also comes with a Shopify app—FoxKit, which is packed with a bunch of free and integrated ecommerce tools such as Variant Group Images, Countdown Tools, Lucky Wheel, In-cart Suggestions, Chat Bot, and many more, to help your business boost conversions and maximize profit.

14. Kala

Pricing: $69

Reviews: 176

Rating: 4.88

KALA is a multi-purpose theme with responsive design and UI/UX mobile-friendly. Its UI/UX design on mobile is optimized and perfectly suitable for shopping on smartphones or tablets. This Shopify theme provides 70+ unique designed sections and product sections that merchants can easily mix and configure to build their own unique store.

15. Boundless

Pricing: Free

Want to showcase your beautiful product photos on your homepage? Boundless is a minimalist theme that puts your photography front and center so you can show off your best products.

16. Venture

Pricing: Free

Running a Shopify store with a huge number of products? Check out Venture.

17. Empire

Pricing: $300

Reviews: 281

Rating: 75% positive

Designed and supported by Pixel Union, Empire is a theme meant for marketplaces. Perfect for large catalogs, this Shopify theme's visually appealing marketplace-inspired design is equipped to optimize large product catalogs for maximum conversions.

18. Parallax

Pricing: $220

Parallax is a Shopify theme that allows your user to check out your store using a parallax scrolling effect. It also provides an easy shopping experience with features like a slideout cart, quick shop, promotional banners, and sticky dropdown navigation so that customers cart out faster.

19. Motion

Pricing: $320

If animation and videos are required to bring out the best in your store's products, then consider Motion. Every part of the store can smoothly animate into view, capturing customers' attention and conveying a premium look and feel.

20. Fashionopolism

Pricing: $250

As its name suggests, Fashionopolism is a sophisticated style for stores with impactful imagery and multiple collections.

21. Basel

Pricing: $59

Reviews: 256

Rating: 4.71

Basel is a minimalist AJAX responsive Shopify theme that allows you to use a drag-and-drop page builder to set up your store. It comes with many header variations that can be used on the website. Customization can also be done while using the header layout in addition to the options related to colors and backgrounds.

22. Minion

Pricing: $250

The Minion Shopify theme is compatible with Shopify 2.0. It is ideal for the pet industry with flexible features to fit more niches. This Shopify theme is great especially for ecommerce brands in the following categories: Pet Supplies, Baby and kids, Books, Music, and Video, Clothing, Electronics, dropshippers and high-volume stores. The theme provides versatile customizability with 24 sections and 3 different menu types to choose from and flexible design settings and customization options to achieve your professional look for your store. There's also a variety of predefined skins and layouts. It minimizes the resources required for building a powerful website.

23. Optimal

Pricing: $79

Reviews: 36

Rating: 5.00

Optimal is the best multipurpose Shopify theme that you have ever seen which offers an exciting stylish design and exclusive features. Optimal is compatible with online store 2.0. This theme can be a perfect fit for anyone looking for a clean, user-friendly, high-performance website. Optimal is loaded with all the tools you need: speed, performance, flexible sections, predictive search, SEO, advanced product filters, and much more. Optimal design is suitable for all Shopify stores including Clothing, Fashion, Food, Health, Pets, Tools, and many more.

24. Tailor

Pricing: $310

Reviews: 3

Rating: 100% positive

Tailor-made for fashion brands with a story to tell. Includes shop the look, image banner, and more dynamic sections.

25. Editions

Pricing: $180

Reviews: 67

Rating: 93% positive

Editions is a simple, spacious theme with a focus on featured products. Editorial-style sections and templates to showcase your brand messaging in style.

The best Shopify templates for you to choose from

Choosing a good theme is critical to the success of your Shopify store.

Look through these popular themes, and carefully consider whether it fits the needs of your brand and products. Some of them are more suited for certain niches (like fashion or gadgets), while some are better suited for larger catalogs and marketplaces.

Make sure you select the Shopify theme that fits your store like a glove—not one that simply "looks good".

And remember, an aesthetically pleasing or ergonomic theme isn't the only marketing strategy you can use to increase your domain's conversion rates.

A good marketing strategy is a great place to start or, if you wish to hear from the pros, check out our post on the best ecommerce podcasts.

Now that your theme is in place, why not find the best apps and strategies to grow your Shopify Store in our Ultimate Shopify Marketing Resource.

Or start bringing traffic to your store using the strategies in our Step-By-Step Shopify SEO Guide.

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