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21 Of The Best Shopify Themes for 2021 (Most Reviewed)

Si Quan Ong
Si Quan Ong
July 27, 2020
2 min read
21 Of The Best Shopify Themes for 2021 (Most Reviewed)

What are the best Shopify themes available?

We're always hearing from retailers and experts that getting the right theme for your store is one of the most important things you can do. Besides, there are some truly beautiful ecommerce websites out there that leave a great impression.

A good Shopify theme could make the difference between having your store be professional or frumpy, stylish or sluggish. It can literally make or break your online store.

Here are some of our favourites.

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What are the Best Shopify Themes for your ecommerce website?

(Last Updated: 04 February 2021!)

1. Porto

best shopify themes - porto theme referralcandy ecommerce best of list

Pricing: $56

Porto is one of the best Shopify themes, with an amazing user experience and powerful features. Porto ecommerce design is trusted by over 40,000+ ecommerce sites and counting, across Wordpress and Magento as well. You can preview features and designs via a demo preview here..

2. Ella


Pricing: $56

Ella is the most reviewed, most downloaded theme on ThemeForest, with over 270 reviews and over 6,000 sales.

3. Fastor

fastor theme

Pricing: $56

The 2nd-most popular Shopify theme on Themeforest, Fastor is a multipurpose theme that comes with 73+ pre-made demos (and even a facebook chat tracking and exit intent!)

4. YourStore


Pricing: $60

YourStore is not only the 3rd-most downloaded Shopify theme on ThemeForust, it comes with over 22 pre-made layouts for you to choose from.

5. Everything

everything domain theme

Everything is a multi-stores Shopify theme that comes with 70+ different creative designs that are ready to use.

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6. Electro

electro website theme

Pricing: $59

Electro is a user-friendly and responsive theme that has a vertical menu, targeted towards Shopify stores who are selling gadgets or digital products.

7. Brooklyn


Pricing: Free

Brooklyn is an elegant, free theme that's officially supported by Shopify.

8. Supply


Pricing: Free

Supply is another one of my favorite Shopify themes – it manages to look old-school and modern at the same time, and like Minimal (below), really allows your products to shine.

9. Minimal


Pricing: Free

Minimal does what it says – it keeps things simple and clear so that you can let your products speak for themselves.

10. Simple

simple website design

Pricing: Free

Simple, as its name suggests, is a clean and minimal theme that is perfect for showcasing products.

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11. Retina


Pricing: $180

Retina has a nice mix of serif and sans serifs fonts, and also very nicely integrates your store's blogposts and Instagram feed.

12. Icon


Pricing: $140

Icon has 4 presets for you to choose from.

13. MOGO

mogo theme

Pricing: $55

MOGO comes with over 15 pre-built website templates, as well as a support forum where you can ask questions to their experts and get an answer in 24 hours.

14. Porto

porto domain design

Pricing: $59

Porto comes with 20 unique homepage layouts, 25 pre-made demos and exclusive ecommerce features.

15. Boundless

boundless website theme

Pricing: Free

Want to showcase your beautiful product photos on your homepage? Boundless is a minimalist theme that puts your photography front and center so you can show off your best products.

16. Venture

venture theme

Pricing: Free

Running a Shopify store with a huge number of products? Check out Venture.

17. Empire

empire design

Pricing: $180

Designed and supported by Pixel Union, Empire is a theme modelled after the largest ecommerce retailer in the world, Amazon.

18. Parallax

parallax theme

Pricing: $180

A popular theme with many stores, Parallax is a Shopify theme that allows your user to check out your store using a parallax scrolling effect.

19. Motion

motion design

Pricing: $180

If animation and video is required to bring out the best in your store's products, then consider Motion.

20. Fashionopolism

fashionopolism theme

Pricing: $140

As its name suggests, Fashionopolism is a sophisticated style for stores with impactful imagery and multiple collections.

21. Basel

basel theme

Pricing: $59

Basel is a minimalist AJAX responsive theme that allows you to use a drag and drop page builder to set up your store.

The Best Shopify Templates For You To Choose From

Choosing a good theme is critical to the success of your Shopify store.

Look through these 20 popular themes, and carefully consider whether it fits your needs. Some of them are more suited for certain niches (like fashion or gadgets), while some are better suited for larger catalogs.

Make sure you select the Shopify theme that fits your store like a glove - and not choose one that simply "looks good".

And remember, an aesthetically pleasing or ergonomic theme isn't the only marketing strategy you can use to increase your domain's conversion rates.

A good marketing strategy is a great place to start or, if you wish to hear from the pros, check out our post on the best ecommerce podcasts.

Now that your theme is in place, why not find the best apps and strategies to grow your Shopify Store in our Ultimate Shopify Marketing Resource.

Or start bringing traffic to your store using the strategies in our Step-By-Step Shopify SEO Guide.

ultimate shopify marketing guide


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