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MATTER: A community of storytellers

More than just a fashion eCommerce label, MATTER aims to reinterpret textile heritage into prints. Vogue and HuffPo have featured their eye for design and fashionable prints, but their real focus is on telling the story of each piece and the communities of their rural artisans.

MATTER first took off among a close-knit community of individuals interested in travel, sustainable fashion and comfortable yet fashionable pants. The MATTER journal focuses heavily on visual and textual storytelling, telling the stories of the team’s travels, the producers involved in production, and the travails of the MATTER tribe.

MATTER combines the functionality of globetrotting trousers with transparent sourcing and ethical production... founded on the freedom of travel and beautiful artisan designs.

ReferralCandy: A bespoke fit for a sharing community

MATTER built a steady inbound channel with regular content pieces and sharing through social media. From the start, word-of-mouth and social sharing had provided the best channel for organic growth.

To grow the community and reward sharing, the founders decided to set up a referral program. They chose ReferralCandy on the Shopify App Store for its good rating and reviews.

ReferralCandy was easy to set up, and offered two-sided referral rewards, which rewarded advocates for sharing and brought new customers into the fold.

Joanne will also receive 15% off her next purchase, feeding the virtuous cycle

We don’t see our customers as customers, we see them as family. We have grown with them and we want to share what we have with them. When they share about MATTER with their friends, it’s like marketing for us.

Driving Sales + Social Results

ReferralCandy has helped motivate MATTER customers to be more proactive with sharing, and also drive new revenue in sales and repeat purchases.

A pair of happy customers sharing the news about their #matterprints

By the numbers: after 5,295 emails sent and 7,556 clicks…

This image is a draft of the final image presenting key metrics from MATTER's referral campaigns

Devonne also credits ReferralCandy for generating a consistent level of referral sales at all times of the year. “We see that customers are always referring people, and referrals have helped us with some stability in revenue. It’s heartening to know that our customers buy in to our brand and our mission.”

The referrals help us sustain a level of revenue throughout the year. Customers are always referring new people, and we always see our purchases being shared, referral links being shared, and those links being clicked.

Bonus: What is a Referral Worth?

The 15% referral discount stands out because MATTER has a strict pricing strategy. MATTER offers two sales a year, a year-round referral discount, and that is it. No flash sales, promotions or special rates.

A happy #MATTERtribe friend sharing their referral link

Devonne Niam, digital marketing manager, explained that this came from a desire to be transparent and honest with customers, and avoid the frustration that comes with missing a sale. “As we grow, we strive to become more transparent, to make it easier to make the purchase decision."

“If you ask us, we’ll even tell you when the sales are."

So why offer a year-round referral bonus? It all comes down to story and what it means to be part of the MATTER tribe.

A referral is like a story - this is something I bought, I love, and I want to share. It’s like a handshake, a shared interaction between two people, and a story passed through that.

MATTER helps grow its tribe of customers and advocates with ReferralCandy.

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