Riff Raff & Co: Six-Figure Sleep Toy Sales Through Word of Mum

Riff Raff & Co: Six-Figure Sleep Toy Sales Through Word of Mum

Referral program top line results

  • Six-digit sales and counting: Referral sales for Riff Raff & Co have quickly surpassed six-digits.
  • Industry-leading performance: Riff Raff & Co has a referral rate of 24%, ten times the industry benchmark of 2.35%. Almost 1 in every 4 customers came through a referral.
  • Happy referrers: Over 2,000 happy customers have made at least one successful referral, with the top referrer making over four hundred successful referrals! That’s 400 new customers!

Sleep makes babies happy. Happy babies make happy mums

Riff Raff & Co sells a comforter-style sleep toy for babies and toddlers that helps them sleep better at night. It works by creating a positive association with the bedtime routine and sleep, allowing the babies to fall asleep easily.

Riff Raff & Co’s sleep toys are widely beloved by young parents, a close-knit community that tends to be particularly vocal and effective in sharing word-of-mouth. That’s why a referral program was a key part of their marketing strategy, and why ReferralCandy was the right choice for them.

Riff Raff & Co understood how important word of mouth is for their business

Being a mum, Founder & ’Chief of Sleepy Ops’ Emma Kruger fully understands the motherhood community is a closely-knit one. Mothers often shop at the same sections in grocery and department stores, and attend very similar activities, such as postnatal yoga and cooking classes. When they meet fellow mothers, they will likely chat about their experiences and what items/techniques have worked well for them. Hence, Emma knew word-of-mouth was really important for Riff Raff & Co.

Referral candy - CEO, Riff Raff & Co recommend referralcandy referral program software
"I always knew from my research when launching that a referral program was going to form a major part of our marketing. With much of our target market being mums, and me being a mum myself, I knew that the best people to promote our product were other mums - they are the ones they really trust."

Emma Kruger
CEO, Riff Raff & Co

Riff Raff & Co also knew that parents did not have time for complicated sales promotions or apps

Mothers have a million things to do everyday and the last thing they want is to use something that has too many steps. If Riff Raff & Co. wanted their customers to adopt a new behavior, it would have to be super simple and require minimum mental energy.

A loyalty program with point accumulation wouldn’t work as that would be complicated. The best solution would be something customers can use immediately with little to no sign up process - and a simple, clear value proposition.

Riff Raff Co Referral Program

Riff Raff chose ReferralCandy because the program was easy to use for both the retailer team and customers

After comparing various solutions, Riff Raff & Co went with ReferralCandy because it was easy to use on both ends - the retailer and the customer.

Customers do not need to set up an account and can just focus on sharing their referral code. Intrepid parents who wanted to claim the referral reward could do so with just their email, too.

As for Emma’s team, they simply set the reward parameters and let ReferralCandy do the rest.

"One of the main reasons I decided to choose ReferralCandy was due to the ease of the program from both our end and the customers end...From our end it is the simple ‘set and forget’ process that is the best. I can go about the rest of my marketing knowing that ReferralCandy is doing all the promotion, monitoring and recording."

Emma Kruger
CEO, Riff Raff & Co

Riff Raff & Co’s referral program generated 35% of total sales

Here’s how they did it:

Riff Raff & Co were able to generate incredible value from the effectiveness of their referral program, with 35% of sales coming from referrals.

  • In the first 6 months of the program, the referral program generated 16x ROI - referral sales paid for ReferralCandy 16 times over.
  • As Riff Raff & Co’s customer base kept growing, the ROI skyrocketed to over 100,00%. The amount of referral sales broke five digits, and ReferralCandy generated 104x ROI

To make their referral program the most effective, Riff Raff & Co first adjusted their referral email sending to coincide with the highs of their customer journey

  • Immediately, post purchase - when they are feeling the most anticipation
  • Right after they receive the toy - when they feel the happiest after receiving it
  • A follow up 8 weeks later - after they are convinced that the product works for their little one
Riff Raff Co referral email
What happy mums see in their inbox post-purchase

The next thing they did was make sure the value of the reward was high enough to make sharing worthwhile

They gave away one whole toy (valued at $65) for 5 referral purchases.

It seemed to be quite a high reward initially, but it worked out as it showed their customers they were offering true value. By having a substantial reward, it gave customers the confidence and extra incentive to promote Riff Raff & Co to people around them.

Riff Raff & Co made it so that non-customers could also earn a free toy by sharing with their friends

They automated an email sequence for prospective customers to let them know that ’you can earn one for free’ by sharing it with their friends. In doing so, they can earn one rather than buy it while Riff Raff & Co benefits from that additional exposure.

Riff Raff Join Referral Program

With ReferralCandy taking care of their referrals, the Riff Raff & Co team can focus their time and energy on delivering more amazing baby products and delivering more sleep to parents and babies all over the world.

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