ReferralCandy Is Now a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner

Alfred Lua
Alfred Lua
October 12, 2021
2 min read
ReferralCandy Is Now a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner

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Today, ReferralCandy joins Shopify Plus’ Certified App program, a curated list of apps that meet the demands of the world’s fastest-growing brands.

Referral programs work especially well for enterprise merchants, across numerous industries, because of their large, enthusiastic customer base. Multi-million dollar brands like Evolve Skateboards, Ledger, and Branch Basics use ReferralCandy to help automate the tedious processes of running a referral program and deal with referral fraud and spam (which are common among popular brands).

“We have been working with more than 500 Shopify Plus merchants and are excited to officially become a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner,” said Zach Cheng, co-founder of ReferralCandy. “As ad prices continue to skyrocket, especially since the rollout of iOS14, merchants are turning to us for a more cost-effective way to grow their sales. A referral program not only helps merchants get more new customers, but it also rewards loyal customers for their advocacy and encourages repeat purchases.”

“The Shopify Plus Certified App program is designed to meet the advanced requirements of the world’s fastest-growing brands,” said Mark Bergen, VP Revenue, Shopify. “We’re happy to welcome ReferralCandy to the program, bringing their insight and experience in Loyalty to the Plus merchant community.”

With ReferralCandy, you can:

  • Get new customers and more sales with the help of your customers
  • Lower your customer acquisition costs through personal, authentic recommendations
  • Scale up your referral program and save time by automating tedious processes such as inviting customers, tracking referrals, and sending out rewards

If you are looking to grow your sales with more word of mouth, try ReferralCandy and give your customers a referral program they will love.

About ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy enables ecommerce brands to easily set up and run a customer referral program. By using ReferralCandy, multi-million dollar brands such as Evolve Skateboards, Ledger, and Branch Basics have been able to turn their customers into advocates, drive word of mouth, and acquire new customers.

Alfred Lua
Alfred Lua

Alfred does marketing on the ReferralCandy team. In his free time, he reads a lot and trains for triathlons.

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