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"We loved working with the ReferralCandy app to grow our customers businesses. It's hands down the best referral marketing app for Shopify stores on the market."
Giles Thomas
Whole Design Studios
"ReferralCandy has been an extremely easy process, and their support is unmatched! For brands looking to get a low friction referral program, I'd strongly recommend."
Brandon Amoroso
ElectrIQ Marketing
"Referral Candy is our go-to choice to increase revenue per customer by evolving them to ambassadors and their partnerships team is always pushing for results."
Jesús Orozco
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Out-of-the-box solution

You don’t need a developer to set up ReferralCandy.

On-brand emails and pages

Deliver a seamless, branded customer experience you control.

Automated custom rewards

Choose from cash rewards, store discounts or custom gifts.

Unlimited email blasts

Connects easily to eCommerce and marketing platforms.

Fraud protection

Automated fraud prevention, simple tools to handle fraudsters.

Live chat support

Customer success team is ready to get you set up and growing.

Stand out with ReferralCandy

How Family Dinner built one of their most effective growth channels with ReferralCandy.
How AdSalsa helped Frutamare gain new customers and grow their revenue over 50%.
How SainStore added monthly sales for iWader Fishing with ReferralCandy which contributed 13% of all revenue.

ReferralCandy for agencies and freelancers

We provide you with the best referral marketing solution to help you grow your clients’ sales by fuelling their word-of-mouth marketing.

Enjoy a wide range of benefits while we help you look after your clients and help them grow.

Dedicated partner manager
Support custom features
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