ReferralCandy: See What ReferralCandy Users Have To Say

Visakan Veerasamy
Visakan Veerasamy
May 24, 2016
2 min read
ReferralCandy: See What ReferralCandy Users Have To Say

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Want to see how our customers really feel about ReferralCandy?

Perfect, here are some highlights of our business referral reviews.

Check out a full list of reviews at the Shopify App Store:


Reviews of the ReferralCandy app itself:

Dapper Time: ★★★★★
“We have tried a few other referral apps, and in the end decided to stick with ReferralCandy, as it's the only one that let us flexibly customise the design at low cost, and also allows us to pay cash to customers who refer, which seems work the best for us.

Also, RC's customer service is quick and responsive!”

Check out a case study of DapperTime's referral program.

Hadi Irvani, Director of Ecommerce at Okabashi: ★★★★★
“We have been really impressed with the success and growth that we’ve experienced. ReferralCandy is the best solution combining both couponing and word-of-mouth marketing. Our customers love it. We love it.”

Kai Vermehr, eBoy Shop North America: ★★★★★
“ReferralCandy was fast and easy to set up. We love the clean UI and the stats. Fits well with the ease of use of Shopify.”

Beautifulnutrition: ★★★★★
ReferralCandy is a great low-cost customer acquisition tool. I highly recommended it. It has great functionality and is easy to use. It takes a little time to get ramped up, but don't get discouraged (it's worth it). Their customer service is great!!!

Girl Almighty Clothing Co: ★★★★★
Great customer service and easy to use! Boosted our sales by a couple of thousand dollars each month.

Ztylus: ★★★★★
Referral Candy is a great tool for anyone that needs to sell more on Shopify. We have seen how this app has single-handedly increased our traffic, sales, and referrals. We would highly recommend everyone to try it because of the huge boost it gave us.

Check out a case study of Ztylus's referral program.

Premier Estates Wines: ★★★★★
We are using this app for our store and it's working great so far. It's really easy to install and runs in the background. Our customers and we are loving it. Thank you!

Powder City: ★★★★★
This app is great for rewarding customers who recommend your store to others. Typical affiliate programs work well in theory. But your average customer isn't going to have a popular website related to your market.

ReferralCandy fills the need for users to easily direct traffic your site through their social accounts or email.

Integration with Shopify is set-and-forget. We rarely sign into the dashboard, aside from checking performance or to see the live feed of users who post our referral links on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out a case study of Powder City's referral program.

Bella Materna: ★★★★
Thank you for making a great referral app RC! I like that I can create different programs for referral; and ultimately that you make many different payback options to our customers who are sharing the love.

ReferralCandy makes it easy to share the love back to our customers! Bella Materna loves ReferralCandy. Missing a star because I have to pay through PayPal. Just want it on my Shopify invoice or direct...

iMagnet Mount: ★★★★★
Great program, increased my sales by a good amount!

Popsockets: ★★★★★
We at PopSockets have been very happy with this app. We often have customers who ask how they can get more involved in promoting PopSockets -- it's great to have a simple automated scheme for them to do that. For a product like ours with a low price point, ReferralCandy's pricing scheme works well.

Quad Lock: ★★★★★
We've been using ReferralCandy on for several years now and it works brilliantly. There's never enough time in the day when running a young start-up so when something comes along which can solve a problem with the click of a button you have to go it a go. ReferralCandy was exactly that solution for us.

Not long after we launched our site we had more and more customers asking for a referral program. We looked at our options and ReferralCandy appeared to be the easiest and simplest to install so we gave it a go. It really has been a set-and-forget system.

ReferralCandy takes care of all the referral emails, and payments without us lifting a finger so we barely have to even think about. And it works! It's generated hundreds of sales which we may not have got otherwise. Highly recommend.

Dockatot: ★★★★★
So far it's been great. Bryan was a customer service whiz. I caught an error in the system with email sharing and he sent a request right away to engineering who fixed the problem right away.

As a bonus, he also helped us configure our referral campaign using best practices from other clients so we're anxious to see if it will lead to an uptick in referrals.

So far we're very happy with the level of care provided by them and the functionality seems great.

Check out a case study of Dockatot's referral program.

LIFX: ★★★★★
We used to be using another competitor referral program, but since having moved across to ReferralCandy we've seen not only engagements but sales and social sharing skyrocket. Very happy customer.

Velvet Cloud: ★★★★★
In debating how to review this I realized that I don't have a very comprehensive scope of the other referral apps. It's because I tried a few, REALLY didn't like how they worked, immediately uninstalled and eventually found ReferralCandy.

There are new ones out there, but I haven't bothered and I feel like that in itself is something. This app works wonders. It works brilliantly and it's super simple. If anything, it really under-credits itself for how many sales it generates in the dashboard from my experience.

OneZip: ★★★★★
Have been using this app for a month and the traffic and sales have both increased because of it! Thanks, ReferralCandy.

Ocean Gang Clothing: ★★★★★
The app was easy to set up and we were up and running in no time. We were impressed at how quickly word-of-mouth spread as soon as we started with the service, bringing us thousands in new sales so far. Would definitely recommend this.

ShareOils: ★★★★★
ReferralCandy has already paid for itself in the first month of use! We are thrilled to have this resource and love seeing how our customers are networking. Customer Service was great and quick to answer all of our questions.

We are still in our trial period- And if payments go out to our customers as smoothly as everything else has worked, we will be using this app for a long time. Definitely worth it! ★★★★
We looked at a number of different apps before we chose ReferralCandy. It is a nice setup and it is one of the most comprehensive referral apps we looked at.

It also has measures in place to prevent customers from referring themselves which is a nice feature. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

Mizzen Main: ★★★★★
Love it - simple to use and manage and has been a great revenue driver for us!

Reviews of our awesome support team:

Global Tactical Supply ★★★★★
Awesome help, great service very patient!

Dear Kates: ★★★★
Karen is amazing!!!

The Sox Box Retail: ★★★★
I have been working with Ferry at ReferralCandy for over a month now. He has been excellent to communicate with.

I always have prompt responses from the team at ReferralCandy. They are really interested in helping you have the best referral program you can have.

Nina B Roze ★★★★★
Ferry was amazing at walking me through the process and explaining every bit of detail how ReferralCandy works. With his help, we're getting more referrals on daily basis as well as sales. 5 Star!! :)

Thank you for your great customer service and tech support.

Affordable Leather And More: ★★★★★
Karen was very helpful in giving me the information I needed. The app seems to be working well - still waiting to see if I will get referral traffic.

Arion Legacy: ★★★★★
Karen from ReferralCandy was amazing. She answered all our questions about setting up ReferralCandy (and we had a lot of questions!).

Although not the lowest priced, the combination of features and great support won us over. Thank you, Karen.

Keepgo: ★★★★★
Amazing application! Boosts sales significantly! And also no words to explain how good is customer service. Simply brilliance!

Body And Mind Shop ★★★★★
So far our experience has been great. After a Skype call with Ferry, I now know how the ReferralCandy system works and am really excited to see how it will increase sales in my store!

Thanks, Ferry for all your input, laughter and patience. It's friendliness like this that really motivates one to use the product to its maximum capacity.

Staavias ★★★★★
These guys have excellent customer service! I've only just started my trial and so far so good. Would definitely recommend this app. App is straightforward and easy to navigate. Awesome app guys!

The Wine Beagle ★★★★★
Very impressive customer service from Karen in the support team. Thanks!

The Primp Club ★★★★★
I'm extremely impressed with the customer service at ReferralCandy. Jon has been awesome in providing me flexibility and time in implementing ReferralCandy onto my site. Instead of being charged per month, as I expected, Jon delayed any payment until I got up and running.

What was most impressive is that I was notified before I was about to be charged again, providing me a heads up. I thought this was a pretty great thing to do. It shows that you put your customers first. Thanks

Gardelli Specialty Coffees ★★★★★
Great support, fast, precise. And I also love this app, it does what you need to run a successful referral campaign.


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Visakan Veerasamy
Visakan Veerasamy

Visa is ReferralCandy's former Blog Editor [2013–2018]. He also co-founded, a fashion ecommerce label selling witty t-shirts. He's mildly Internet-famous for his elaborate Twitter threads. He hopes to enjoy a glass of scotch onboard a commercial space flight someday.

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