Why choose ReferralCandy to power your referral marketing program

ReferralCandy is a referral marketing tool that gets you more customers by incentivizing referrals. Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing on steroids.

We’ve run referral programs for 3,000+ online stores

We can help grow your business

ReferralCandy has been running referral marketing campaigns every day since we started in 2009. We've gotten really good at increasing referral rates and growing sales for our customers.

ReferralCandy has generated

$ 5 1 , 6 9 3 , 1 9 0 . 6 3

in sales and counting!

We're here for you

And we use what you use

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We think about this stuff for fun

Our special sauce is that we think about customer acquisition and referral marketing all the time. We use this knowledge to make your customer referral programs better.

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Meet the team

We're choosy about who we work with.

The ReferralCandy team is made up of people who are driven by results, talented, fun, and hopelessly addicted to caffeine.

Zach Cheng
Executive Director
Lloyd Tan
Finance & Operations Executive
Che Lazaro
Director of Sales
David Fallarme
Inbound Marketing Director
Aditi Kulkarni
Head of Design & UX
Clark Pan
Senior Engineer
Chethan Anil
Software Engineer
Maythee Anegboonlap
Front-End Engineer
Daniel Le
Software Engineer
Jared Tong
Front-End Engineer
Shantanu Gupta
Software Engineer
Miguel Ginete
Customer Success Engineer
Visakan Veerasamy
Blog & Social Media Manager
Anand Kansal
Growth Marketing Manager
Eleanor Tay
Marketing Manager
Alistair Norris
Senior UX Designer
Teo Yu Sheng
Desmond Chua

Our Investors & Advisors:

Piyush Chaplot
Innosight Ventures (Partner)
William Klippgen
BAF Spectrum (Founding Partner)
Toivo Annus
Skype (Co-Founder and former Head of Engineering)
Ramanan Raghavendran
Amasia Associates (Founding Partner)
John Kim
Amasia Associates (Founding Partner)
Tom Clayton
VP of International Operations, Houzz