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70+ Examples of Referral Programs Using ReferralCandy

Cheryl Teo
Cheryl Teo
April 25, 2022
2 min read
70+ Examples of Referral Programs Using ReferralCandy

Referral programs. You know what they are, you know what they do but you still need a little more convincing?

We've previously discussed why you should get started on refer-a-friend programs, but only if your brand is ready for it.

To give you more reason to leverage referral programs as a new marketing channel for customer acquisition and customer loyalty, here are some inspiring brands powered by ReferralCandy.

Examples of Referral Programs powered by ReferralCandy

<span id="a">Fashion, Apparel & Accessories Referral Program Examples

Fashion & Apparel:

Threadbeast offers $50 in bonus items as a referral offer


Recliner offers comfy PJs and loungewears with its referral program

<span id="b">Hardware, Gadgets & Electronics Referral Program Examples

Mechanical Mac keyboards from KeyChron


Smartphone Accessories

<span id="c">Food, Beverage & Groceries Referral Program Examples

<span id="d">Home Goods Referral Program Examples

<span id="e">Toys, Gifts, Stationery, Arts & Crafts Referral Program Examples

riff raff n co case study referralcandy - referral program success through word of mouth
Riff Raff found incredible success through Word-of-Mum

<span id="f">Software & Digital Products Referral Program Examples

<span id="g">Sporting, Outdoor Goods & Accessories Referral Program Examples

Evolve Skateboards offers an alternative to cash incentives

<span id="h">Health Food & Supplements Referral Program Examples

<span id="i">Vaporisers & Tobacco Products

<span id="j">Beauty & Grooming Products Referral Program Examples

<span id="k">Books & Education Referral Program Examples

Critical Pass offers a referral program for its bar exam study flashcards

<span id="l">Pet Products Referral Program Examples

<span id="m">Kids Products Referral Program Examples

We hope you've gotten some great ideas and inspiration from these referral programs to boost your very own. If you're looking for more information on how to get started, here are a few articles to read:

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Cheryl Teo
Cheryl Teo

Cheryl is a full-time Content Marketer at ReferralCandy by day and a "Learnaholic" (aka always learning something new) by night. She loves learning new languges, storytelling, and creating experiences that are functional and visually compelling. She's also always lurking on Twitter so drop by and say hi!

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