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4 WooCommerce Stores Rocking Their Referral Programs

Aqiba D
Aqiba D
July 9, 2018
2 min read
4 WooCommerce Stores Rocking Their Referral Programs

Let's be completely honest, being able to establish an online presence means everything to new business looking to compete in an existing space. However, most companies have little to no knowledge on setting up a store online, let alone build a presence.

For a business using a Wordpress blog, transforming their site into an e-commerce platform is as easy as installing a tiny plugin. With the help of WooCommerce, any business can convert their Wordpress and start selling without spending thousands on developing an e-commerce site or relying on any third-party platforms.

As popular as one of the top-grossing songs on Soundcloud, Woocommerce boasts, on their site, over 47,522,498 downloads and a whopping 2,241,106 websites using WooCommerce. While WooCommerce remains very popular amongst business looking to establish base online, it plays a vital role in building a brand presence and improving sales.

By installing plugins, you can take advantage of an entire range of payment methods including MasterCard, Visa Card, and American Express, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. You can also create testimonials using actual reviews from your customers, offer subscriptions to your customers and most importantly, attract new customers by setting up a referral program on your site.

Whether you are already using WooCommerce or looking to learn more about it, referral programs powered by ReferralCandy can promote lead generation and help you meet your business-related goals.

In search of some inspiration? Here are four booming WooCommerce stores using referral programs:

4 Inspiring WooCommerce Referral Programs

1.   Novosbed

WooCommerce Referral Programs: Novosbed

Launched in 2009 by twin brothers Sam and Andrew Prochazka, Novosbed conquered the mattress industry by promising a risk-free mattress purchasing experience. Based on a combined investment worth $50,000, the business now delivers mattresses all-across the United States and has a spotless 10/10 rating on

Novosbed is an online business. Competing against brick and mortar stores that allow customers to try out the mattress, the Prochazka twins knew they were taking on a risk. Determined to bring a change to the industry, they were settled on their online approach. The company's website became an essential part of the business, connecting them with potential customers, landing sales, and performing the actual transaction using WooCommerce, their operations continued to run smoothly.

Earning over $5 million in revenue in 2014, and sales hitting the $10million mark in 2015, Novosbed knew what they were doing. Complementing the marketing efforts on their website, referral program was an important marketing technique that Novsbed actively utilized to build their strong following within just a short amount of time.

Referrer Rewards: $75 off on all products.

Referee Rewards: $100 off on all products.

Novosbed Referral Program (

Here’s how Novosbed applied their referral program to get people to try out their product:

The company started a “Refer a Friend Program” on their website. The program offers $100 off with $75 in return. Using this link, customers are encouraged to spread the word about Novosbed and help new customers to buy a mattress using their referral link. Wondering what's so unique about this? Each time a new customer makes a purchasing using the link, you get to earn $75 in thank you cash.

Novosbed Referral Link
Novosbed Referral Link (

How the referral program has helped Novosbed:

With the help of the referral program, Novosbed has been able to experience long-term brand loyalty and an increase in the number of purchases made by new customers. By providing their existing customers with a chance to get a share of their profit each time they make a sale through the customer's efforts, Novosbed has established a referral system that strengthens their relationship with existing customers and pushes them into referring your business to just about everyone they meet.

Other Note-Worthy Features of Their Site:

  • Real customer reviews: These reviews allow new customers to see what existing customer have to say about their brand and encourage them to make a purchase.
  • Buying guide for first-time buyers. The guide discusses ways to choose the right mattress firmness, the overall density of memory foam, how to break into a new mattress and information on their policies.
  • Comparison between their brand and other competing mattress brands: Most new customers like to run a comparison search before making important decisions such as purchasing a mattress. By featuring comparison articles on their site, Novosbed can highlight important features of their mattress that beat those of any other mattress company operating in the same industry.

2.   Healthy Mummy

WooCommerce Referral Programs: Healthy Mummy

Healthy Mummy, established under the careful guidance of Rhian Allen, currently stands with half a million subscribers and a turnover that exceeds $22 million. It was eight years ago that Rhian decided to quit her job $250,000 job in the corporate sector, sold her million-dollar house in Sydney and pursued her dream of starting a brand that promoted health and fitness efforts amongst new mothers. While the business started off with just a handful of employees and influencers, it now employs over 150 people and looks forward to additional growth in the upcoming years. Healthy Mummy experiences more than 850,000 page views every month, has a growing list of followers on social media topping a million and a 100% yearly revenue growth.

Wondering how Healthy Mummy was able to capture the attention of mums? Within just eight years of operations, the company was able to sell its products to over 100,000 mums and grow into a business community of 825,000 members.  Their referral program that encourages their customers to give their friend "the gift of health," plays a significant role in supporting their digital marketing efforts. It helps in spreading the word about their business within having to pour tens and thousands into advertising.

Referrer Rewards: $30 off Healthy Mummy products.

Referee Rewards: $20 Off Healthy Mummy Smoothies

Healthy Mummy Referral Program
Healthy Mummy Referral Program (

Healthy Mummy promises a 20% discount on the first purchase made by your friends and family when you share Healthy Mummy products with them through social media, on your website or by sharing a unique link with them.

Healthy Mummy Referral Link
Healthy Mummy Referral Link (

If this wasn't enough to encourage their customers to talk about their business, they further incentivize them to refer their business by offering $30 off on its products; each time you share a link for $20 off on Healthy Mummy smoothies with your friends.

Other Note-Worthy Features of Their Site:

Healthy Mummy aims to be the one-stop-shop for mummies in search of adopting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining their body. Having said that, the website has plenty of valuable features to motivate, encourage and inspire mums to believe in their brand. From healthy recipes to pregnancy and parenting related blogs that complement their SEO efforts and offer important resources to mums – Healthy Mummy can teach you plenty on successful marketing efforts.

3.   One Two Cosmetics

WooCommerce Referral Programs: One Two Cosmetics
One Two Cosmetics

Famous all over the world for its eyelash extensions with magnetic technology, One Two Cosmetics has been featured in dozens of magazines and popular blogs including Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, and Teen Vogue. The brand was also mentioned on NBC’s Today and made it to the list of top “Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Products” by Allure Magazine in 2016.

Founded by Katy Stoka in 2014, One Two Cosmetics became one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the industry. Operating solely through the internet, One Two Cosmetics made the most out of their website by incorporating a referral system that offers "Half off by Introducing Us to Your Friends.”

Referrer Rewards: 50% off for every four friends that place an order

Referee Rewards: 10% off on all products

One Two Cosmetics Referral Program
One Two Cosmetics Referral Program (

They motivate their customers to spread the word about their business by requiring them to use a personalized link for 10% off on all products that can be sent out through email, text, and social media to as many people as they like.

To make things even more interesting, they offer an additional 50% coupon that is delivered straight to the referring customer’s email; once four of their friends make a purchase. An incentive as such inspires customers to remain involved in the process for a longer time and continues to remind them of the additional reward they can earn by helping the business secure sales from any four of their friends.

Other Note-Worthy Features Of Their Site:

Most cosmetic brands often focus so much on selling their products that they forget to build a strong storyline around it. One Two Cosmetics uses its website to talk about the founder and helps visitors connect with the brand on a much deeper level.

When it comes to new beauty related products, especially those that we haven’t seen or heard about before, we are often frightened away by the thought of understanding how to use the product correctly. While none of us have the time to go through dozens of YouTube videos in hopes of finding one that explains the product, One Two Cosmetics features How-To videos and articles on its site.

Furthermore, to emphasize on the popularity of their brand, they maintain a section called “Press” and share details on each time their brand/product is mentioned in the press.

4.   Branch Basics

WooCommerce Referral Programs: Branch Basics

Founded by the trio: Marilee Nelson, her niece Allison Evans and their family friend Kelly Love, Branch Basic entered the industry with hopes of replacing cleaning products high in toxins. With a promise to helping their customers make a healthy choice by investing in their non-toxic, plant-based cleaning products -- Branch Basics had a lot to achieve. While failure is inevitable, Branch Basics was subjected to the pits of failure during its first few years of operations.

The company almost neared shutting-down all operations and released 15 of their employees. However, it was in 2017 that the company returned, focusing much more on their marketing efforts than ever. This time around they worked hard on building a strong image surround the brand and invested in a referral program that motivated existing customers into encouraging others to trust and believe in the brand.

Referrer Rewards:  $10 off on all products.

Referee Rewards: $10 off on all products

Branch Basics Referral Program
Branch Basics Referral Program (

The referral program featured sending out a $10 off on all products to any number of your family and friends and receiving a $10 off coupon in return. By offering dual-sided rewards, Branch Basics was able to motivate their advocate to walk the extra mile to get more people to try out their brand and leave positive reviews.

Branch Basics Referral Link
Branch Basics Referral Link (

Other Note-Worthy Features of Their Site:

Developing a product is natural. However establishing a brand around is quite a task.

Branch Basics was able to create a revolutionary product; they knew that a lot more needed to be. Using their website as a tool to help their brand establish a unique presence, Branch Basics talks about the story behind their brand. Revealing how their brand came about following the deteriorating health conditions of two of its founders, Branch Basic was able to establish an emotional connection with its visitors.

On the other hand, they use the power of blogging to educate customers, new and old, about the brand. From talking about how their product works to the many ways customers can use it in their kitchen, bathroom and on floors to sharing details on ingredients that make their product, Branch Basics can offer 100% transparency and promote brand loyalty.


The importance of focusing on digital marketing efforts by fully utilizing a business website cannot be emphasized enough. With the help of incentive programs such as a referral system present on the site, you can push customers and visitors to market your business and boost your sales in ways that you couldn't have imagined.

By learning from the examples in this post, you can run a referral program successfully on your ecommerce store too. Try out ReferralCandy free for 30-days.

Aqiba D
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