The Ultimate Referral Marketing Playbook 2023

Ready to get started on building your referral program? In this playbook, you’ll learn the A-Zs of referral marketing. By the end, you’ll be able to build, launch and optimize your own referral program and grow your ecommerce business with the help of your best and most loyal customers.

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Referral Program Checklist

A handy and printable checklist to help you get your first referral campaign up and running ASAP.
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Referral Tracking Template

An easy way to get organized with your referral program. It includes a detailed referral tracking sheet and a mini dashboard overview for more insights.

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Resources from ReferralCandy

  • How to choose the right rewards

    How to choose the right rewards

  • How to integrate with ReCharge

    How to integrate with ReCharge

  • How to test the referral process

    How to test the referral process

The Growth Handbooks

  • book chapter 1: research

    Chapter 1: Research

    The art and science of understanding your customers

  • book of Chapter 2: Blogging

    Chapter 2: Blogging

    Blogging is a complete waste of time unless you do these 5 things

  • book of Chapter 3: Conversion

    Chapter 3: Conversion

    Easy wins that have disproportionate effect on sales

Referral Marketing Email courses

  • Referral program quickstart

    A 4-day course on launching an effective referral program

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  • Doubling your word of mouth

    The secret to getting even more people talking about your brand

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