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30-day, risk free trial. Monthly billing. Switch plans anytime.


$ 25


7.5 %
of referral sales

Pay Only the
Higher Amount


$ 65


3.95 %
of referral sales

Pay Only the
Higher Amount


$ 195


1.95 %
of referral sales

Pay Only the
Higher Amount

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Love it, simple to use and manage and has been a great revenue driver for us!

Quickly calculate expected ROI depending on your pricing plan

Your monthly order volume
How many transactions per month?
Average order value ($)
Typical customer spend per order
Estimated Referral Rate
Successful referral %
New Monthly Sales driven by ReferralCandy
= $ 100   in new sales/month 💰
What is the ideal referral rate?
1% = Baseline (follow all of our advice)
5% = Great! (active promotion of referral program)
10% = Best-in-class (excellent product + referral program)
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ReferralCandy Feature List

Advocates and Contacts
All Plans
Automated Post-purchase Add to Program
Reward Tracking
Automated Reward Payouts
Reminder Emails
Personal URLs
Import Past Customers via CSV
Send Email Blasts
Referral Program Incentives
Coupon and Promo Codes
Cash Via Paypal
Customizing and Theming Options
API Access
Whitelabel with HTML, CSS
Set Default Twitter and Facebook Messages
Drag-and-drop email template editor
Best Practices and Guides
Email Support
Access to Knowledge Base
Fraud Protection
Campaign error notifications
Expiring coupon alerts

Why Choose ReferralCandy?

The pricing structure is great for small and growing businesses. The product is very simple to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your 30 day risk-free trial work?

If you cancel your account within the first month, we won't charge you anything. Otherwise, monthly charges are billed at the end of the first month and subsequent months. Of course, you can cancel anytime after the trial.

What is commission charged on?

The commission is charged only on purchases by new customers referred to your store. Also, the commission only applies to the first three purchases the referred customer makes. There is no commission charged when advocates use their reward.

Can you give me an example of how your pricing would work?

We only charge the higher fee. Suppose you're on the Large plan, which has a $195 usage fee and 1.95% commission on referral sales.

Let's say you make $12,000 in new sales from referrals. At 1.95%, this would mean $234 in commissions. This would be the charge for that month, as it is the higher amount.

I always have prompt responses from the team at ReferralCandy. They are really interested in helping you have the best referral program you can have.

You’re in good hands

Thousands of ecommerce store founders, marketers and agencies have trusted ReferralCandy to run their referral program.

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