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Referral Programs Or Affiliate Programs On Squarespace

Ha Pham
Ha Pham
December 8, 2018
2 min read
Referral Programs Or Affiliate Programs On Squarespace

You can now run an awesome Squarespace referral program, or a Squarepace affiliate program for your page or store with the new ReferralCandy-Squarespace Integration.

How to Set up a Referral/Affiliate Program on Squarespace

Squarespace is well-known for its well designed themes and easy-to-use website builder. Setting up an online shop with a pretty storefront on Squarespace is simple and intuitive. It is a perfect choice for a simple store (if you don’t need such complex, advanced functions).

run a referral program on squarespace referralcandy - beautiful website design

get your referral message right with clean referral program template

ReferralCandy allows you to set up a referral program incentive in minutes - putting away the complex technical stuff - and works well with Squarespace too. We also offer the same features of an affiliate program, so you can set up an affiliate program for your Squarespace store.

squarespace affiliate program - why referral programs are awesome by referralcandy

Referral marketing is awesome - and here's what it can do for your store

Here are two simple reasons why you should choose the ReferralCandy Squarespace integration.

Easy-to-setup and secure referral program for Squarespace Commerce

Some referral program softwares connect with Squarespace stores using a simple code injection on the checkout page. Except the 'simple' code injection is not so simple, and you'll need a developer.

The other problem with code injections is the risk of invalid referrals, as anyone can copy the code, paste it on their own website and simulate fake referrals from your store to take advantage of the rewards.

ReferralCandy offers a different way to connect your store using emails (one that doesn't even need a developer with referral email templates!) We've also added a second layout of verification so that fake referrals sent by a different website will not be counted. And we're just as easy to set-up, without needing developer time.

Your referral or affiliate program will be safe on ReferralCandy. Also because...

ReferralCandy automatically prevents fraud and self-referrals

Referral and affiliate programs will help put your brand in front of a wider audience, but there will always be people who might scheme to take advantage of your referral rewards.

Protecting an affiliate or referral program against potential fraud can be troublesome and difficult. Luckily, at ReferralCandy we've been working on this for a while, and we know the best ways to prevent your referral program from fraud.

Two effective ways to prevent self-referrals are by implementing cookies and monitoring IP addresses.

  • ReferralCandy uses cookies to detect if someone uses the same computer to make a referral and try to give themselves a reward. These invalid referrals will be blocked automatically.
  • Blocking referrals made from the same computer might not totally eliminate the chance of fraud, so we also monitor IP addresses to flag potential self-referrals done on different browsers and different computers.
  • It may happen that referrals happen when family or friends are over, or colleagues are all in the same office. ReferralCandy will also flag any suspicious referral cases so you can investigate.

ReferralCandy makes it easy to set up a referral/affiliate program on Squarespace

Running an online business can be time consuming. If you’re thinking of launching a business referral program for your Squarespace store, a simple solution is best. And, as with anything to do with sales, preventing fraud is important

Our ReferralCandy/Squarespace integration combines our expertise in referral/affiliate programs and Squarespace's beautiful website.

squarespace affiliate program - happy referralcandy squarespace integration customer

The best of both worlds

So, find a referral program that has an automated and robust fraud prevention system, like ReferralCandy.

Enjoy a piece of mind knowing that people are discouraged from taking advantage of you, while authentic referrals are allowed to come in.

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Ha Pham
Ha Pham

Ha is ReferralCandy’s product designer. She talks to customers and sketches their experience.

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