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Klaviyo Integration: Post-Purchase Events and more

Darren Foong
Darren Foong
July 17, 2020
2 min read
Klaviyo Integration: Post-Purchase Events and more

ReferralCandy now integrates with Klaviyo!

Klaviyo is a marketing platform for eCommerce with powerful tools for email marketing, social media and SMS. As a marketing platform, Klaviyo has helped to grow more Shopify stores than any other marketing platform.

ReferralCandy helps businesses big and small automate their referral marketing program. We're pleased to announce our latest feature, allowing you to add your referral program to your Klaviyo post-purchase flow by connecting both Shopify Apps.

How to add your referral program to your Klaviyo post-purchase flow

  1. Connect Klaviyo to ReferralCandy using the API Key (Help Article)
  2. Select the Activate Post-Purchase Events button and you're done! (Help Article)
  3. Here's a Sample implementation for Klaviyo

One-click activation, just like ReferralCandy for Shopify

The best time to get customers to take action is when they are primed with the right emotional cues. Post-purchase emails are a great trigger moment to get customers to join your referral program.

Right after customers make a purchase, they experience a high of anticipation and excitement. ReferralCandy customer Riff Raff made use of this trigger moment to achieve 24% referral rate and six-figure sales!

Combine the power of email marketing and the ROI of referral programs today.

Connected Apps: And many more to come

ReferralCandy also integrates with plenty of Shopify apps like Recharge.

Keep an eye out for more integrations and features from ReferralCandy, or email us with the app integrations you want to see next.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

The ReferralCandy Product team

Add your referral program to your
post-purchase email flows in Klaviyo

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Darren Foong
Darren Foong

Darren is a content/SEO writer and product marketer. He doubled search traffic for the blog and put ReferralCandy on the front page of the Shopify AppStore.

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