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Achievement Unlocked: ReferralCandy Helps Retailers Make $10,000,000 in Referral Sales


I got an email a couple of weeks ago that totally made my day.

It was from Cedric, a friend who made a purchase at You Need A Budget, one of the retailers using ReferralCandy. The email was short and to the point:

Just a quick email to say that I bought YNAB yesterday, and got an email powered by ReferralCandy with $6 off anyone who uses my link.

Your product rocks.”


Cedric’s story is not unique.

Every day, hundreds of people like Cedric use ReferralCandy-powered referral links to refer friends to their favorite stores, all around the world. People refer everything from iPhone cases to crowdsourced design services, from smart kitchen robots to gut bacteria analytics.

Today, I’m proud to announce that we’ve just crossed $10,000,000 in Referral Sales  for our clients. It’s a testament that we’ve built a product that works and customers love (check out the reviews we’ve gotten).

$10.1 million at the time of writing, if you drop by ReferralCandy.com!

I still remember when we served just a small handful of mom-and-pop stores. We’d holler and cheer in the office every time we registered a referral sale. Now we’re used by NASDAQ-listed companies, and our blog is mentioned alongside HubSpot and Moz. (We’re still delighted by the referral sales we make, but now we’re excited primarily by the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.)


2014 has been a tremendous year for us.

Monthly signups for the ReferralCandy service have more than tripled. In September we saw our highest month-on-month percentage growth over last 2 years.

Here are some other things that we’re proud of:

  • Cutting-edge features for a better referral experience. We’ve added a host of new features to our product to increase referrals for retailers, including improvements to our white-label feature and adaptive reminder emails.
  • The ReferralCandy product keeps getting more effective over time. The average referral rate for our clients has more than doubled! We’re always researching, analyzing and learning more about what makes referral programs work, and we share all of that knowledge with our clients.
  • Our blog is taking off. Content from our blog about referral marketing and word-of-mouth has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Inc.com and other leading media outlets. It’s a clear sign that we’re getting better at understanding what our retailers want, and we’re getting better at helping them get it.


A question that’s always worth revisiting is: Why?

Why are we doing this? Why do we work so hard to build the best referral platform we possibly can?

At the end of the day, we’re doing this to help people like Cedric help their friends. That’s what drives us. We firmly believe that we can use technology to replace the cold of impersonal, spammy advertising with the warmth of human connection.

Let’s make sharing sweeter.



Dinesh Raju

Dinesh is CEO and co-founder of ReferralCandy. During his time in Carnegie Mellon, he sweet-talked robots into playing soccer. He can occasionally be found taming the office Wifi network and exploring new frontiers on Spotify.

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