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Valentine’s Day Ecommerce Marketing Tips and Tricks

valentine's day marketing

Valentine’s Day is one of the major e-commerce holidays. In 2018, Valentine’s Day shoppers spent $19.6 billion according to the National Retail Federation. This is great news for eCommerce businesses gearing up for 2019.

In recent years, Valentine’s Day online shopping has increased in popularity. Last year, 29 percent of consumers were using Amazon and other online stores for their Valentine’s Day gifts. 35% still bought their Valentine’s Day gifts from department stores and 19% picked up gifts from specialty stores.


Add A Valentine’s Day Section

Valentine’s spending often focuses on couples and love. However, all businesses can get a boost with this love-themed holiday with the right targeting and messaging. While couples will focus their spending on candy, jewellery, evenings out and cards, there are singles who will indulge in purchases for themselves and for their pets. Kids get in on the holiday sales as well. They often buy candy and cards for their friends.

Savvy shoppers will make their purchases on Valentine’s Day because they know that even general products will be marked down on that day. Even if your website isn’t focused around candy or jewellery, you’re likely to get a boost from having a Valentine’s Day sale.

Select items in your store that may be great as gifts “For Him” or “For Her.” Display these items in a romantic way. Add a flower to the picture or some hearts. This will help the consumer associate the item with gift-giving for their loved ones.

valentines day ecommerce marketing

Market Your Products Early

Now that Christmas and New Years is over, Valentine’s displays are already up in grocery stores. If you haven’t started planning out your e-Commerce store’s Valentine’s Day sale, now is the time!

Most consumers wait until February to start shopping for their loved ones, but as business owners, you should have those promotions in place and ready. If you wait until the day before Valentine’s Day, you may not be able to deliver everywhere on time and therefore miss out on potential sales.

You may also want to display the delivery times on your website. This will help your consumers know whether the gifts will arrive in time for the big day. It may also trigger a sense of urgency in your website visitors.


Create An Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the best tools to directly communicate with your audience. Create a tempting first email campaign that highlights what your customers can expect. Give them a sneak peek of what you are offering.

Another great way to take advantage of Valentine’s Day is to show your customers how much you appreciate them. Send them a personalized deal that will help them feel loved and special. A coupon for a product or service is a great way to encourage your customers to make more purchases as well.

Send out a single’s indulgence email. Remember, not everyone is in a relationship. Encourage the singles to splurge on themselves! Give them a discount on some recommended indulgences that are geared towards singles.


Partner with an Influencer or Non-Competing Business

Your marketing efforts will go farther when you tap into other people’s audiences. If you have a product or service that is complimentary, it just makes sense to have both businesses sharing the promotion expenses. For example, if your e-commerce store sells yoga DVDs, it may be wise to partner up with a yoga workout clothing company or a yoga instructor and offer a bundle.

Google and Youtube can help you to find influencers in your niche. Simply reach out to them via email and offer to create a Valentine’s Day promotion with them. Many of them will be willing to review your products or services for a small fee.


Last Minute Flash Sales

Buyers have a fear of missing out (FOMO). Tapping into this fear will help to generate more sales. Flash sales, limited time offers and holiday promotions are excellent at tapping into this FOMO.

A great strategy for a flash sale is to create a page with items to be sold at a minimum price point for last minute gifts. Trinkets, chocolates, mugs and heart-shaped items make great Valentine’s Day flash sale items.

Promote the sale across all platforms – social media, emails, text messaging and google ads. Just make sure that you can get it shipped to them in time for Valentine’s Day.

Incorporate a Countdown to Valentine’s Day timer. This has been shown to increase conversions. It lets your customers know how much time they have left until the sale is over. Lifter LMS realized $23,700 in additional sales within five months by adding a simple countdown timer.

valentine's day


Share the Love Referral Campaign

71% of consumers make purchases based on social media referrals. People love to share things that they enjoy with their friends and family. This can especially be emphasized during a holiday that is focused on love and gift giving.

Valentine's Day referral program - Jeulia

Set up a referral program that will reward your loyal customers as they refer their friends this Valentine’s Day. It can be a simple discount off on your friend’s first purchase. Jeulia rewards the referrals with 15% off. The referrer earns a 15% commission.

Valentine's Day referral program - Jeuli

Tap into the Cuteness of Pets

Not everyone is in a relationship or has a special someone that they want to buy a gift. Pet owners tend to spoil their pets. In 2016, 19% of consumers purchased gifts for their pets. Pet gifts totaled $681 million.

Pets are cute. Many people will share pictures of dogs on social media just because they like the picture. Incorporating pets into your marketing can be an excellent strategy.

Even if your company isn’t focused on pet products, featuring a dog or a cat strikes emotion with viewers. The Subaru “Dog Tested, Dog Approved” ad campaign features a family of dogs who drive around in their Subaru. Even though dogs don’t drive cars, it struck a chord with viewers. The commercial is also part of Subaru’s initiative supporting the ASPCA and pet adoption programs.

Valentine's Day Marketing - Laurie Merrit Photography

Laurie Merritt Photography tapped into the pet market for her photography. This increased her customer base and created unique photo opportunities for pet lovers.



As you combine a few of these strategies, you’ll be able to take advantage of the buying spree that happens in February due to Valentine’s Day. Creativity in marketing to singles and people who aren’t in relationships can help unlock even more profits. Find a way to convince people to pamper themselves or spoil their pets this Valentine’s Day and you’ll increase your sales.

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