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Sports Apparel Referral Program Examples: Tribesports

Tribesports is a sports apparel brand that cuts out the middleman and sells directly to you and I.

Founded in 2011, Tribesports aims to bring the best possible value for their community and customers.

By cutting out the middleman, selling entirely online and doing away with paid endorsements, Tribesports is able to sell products 40% below mainstream brands.

In addition, they adopt a crowd-sourced voting and feedback system, so customers actually have a say in the design of the products.

Let’s check out their referral program:

1. Tribesports has prominent referral program CTAs on their homepage, so their customers will know about their referral program.

Tribesports Referral Program CTA Homepage Header
Tribesports’ referral program CTA in the header

By placing their referral program CTAs at the header and footer of their website, there’s a much higher chance customers will notice it.

Tribesports Referral Program CTA Homepage Footer
Tribesports’ referral program CTA in the footer

Referral program pro tip: Make sure your referral program is prominently placed. More people seeing it = more chances of them sharing it.

2. Tribesports encourages customers to be a good sport and share the brand with their friends.

Tribesports Referral Program Image

Personally, the phrase “Don’t leave your friends behind” is a very good touch, as it appeals to the customer’s team spirit and desire to help their friends.

It follows up with the statement that implies you shouldn’t keep good things to yourself; share Tribesports with your friends!

Referral program pro tip: In addition to using referral rewards to encourage advocates to share, appealing to their altruism is a good move. By sharing with their friends, advocates will feel good about themselves for having done something helpful.

3. Tribesports rewards advocates with £15 store credit for each referral and their friends with a £10 discount for their first purchase.

Tribesports Referral Program Image 3

Tribesports has gone with two-sided incentives: store credit for advocates and discounts for referred friends.

Two-sided incentives can be useful in encouraging the advocate’s friends to make the purchase, since that’s the only way they can benefit from the referral.

If you’re wondering which type of incentives would be better for your store, do check out a post we did on two-sided incentives.

Referral program pro tip: Two-sided incentives give both advocates and friends a reason to share and purchase. Tribesports even gives reasons why your friends would like them! Those points highlight what makes Tribesports special and worthy of sharing with your friends.


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Melody Madhavan

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