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Smartphone Accessories Referral Program Examples: Peel

Introducing Peel – the iPhone case that’s so thin, you’d probably not notice it.

Peel Homepage

Peel has defined what it means to make a thin iPhone case.

With a thickness of just 0.35mm, it melds together with your phone without added bulk or weight.

One customer even remarked that it was so thin, the Apple Geniuses didn’t notice that his iPhone had the Peel case on:

Peel testimonials

Let’s check out their referral program:

Peel rewards their advocates with a 40% discount, while giving their referred friends a 20% discount.

Peel Referral Program Page ReferralCandy

Giving out discounts work well for products that customers will likely purchase again.

Since Peel also makes cases for the iPad Air and iPad Mini, customers who fall in love with their first purchases might decide to outfit their other Apple products with Peel cases too.

Apart from discounts, giving out credits is also a good solution for ensuring future purchases.

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