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ReferralCandy + S Loyalty: Referrals, Loyalty Points, & Rewards

Si Quan Ong
Si Quan Ong
February 6, 2018
2 min read
ReferralCandy + S Loyalty: Referrals, Loyalty Points, & Rewards

S Loyalty is a comprehensive rewards program that helps brands build deeper connections with customers to grow their business. Merchants can use the S Loyalty app on their Shopify or BigCommerce stores.

How does a rewards program build on your ReferralCandy program? In addition to increasing sales by getting fans to refer friends, increasing customer retention by just 5% can boost profits by 25-95% for businesses. Having the right referral program can go the distance in boosting customer retention. ReferralCandy now has an integration with the S Loyalty rewards program, which offers more ways for customers to earn points and redeem benefits.

With S Loyalty’s ReferralCandy integration, you have one interface to manage loyalty and referral rewards on desktop and mobile. For shoppers, ReferralCandy’s referral points scheme is shown directly on S Loyalty’s storefront overlay. For merchants, successful referrals can be approved directly from S Loyalty’s admin console, which gives customers loyalty points that they can use to redeem offers, such as $10 off their next purchase.

loyalty rewards
S Loyalty’s responsive overlay has beautifully adapted desktop and mobile versions.

In addition, S Loyalty offers sophisticated features in a comprehensive rewards program that can be set up in minutes. You can schedule campaigns with 2x / 3x points for purchases, customize your storefront overlay themes from desktop or mobile, and much more. Merchants with high volume sales will also appreciate features such as multi-user support for customer service teams, automatic points expiration and automatic discount code generation.

seasonal events
Schedule campaigns to give extra points for seasonal events or custom dates with a few clicks.

The S Loyalty rewards program also takes care to engage customers at the right time with shopper notifications that prompt customers to use their recently acquired points and rewards earned from referral sales. These touchpoints create a cohesive customer experience that differentiates your brand.

Now, your ReferralCandy advocates can enjoy more ways to earn points and redeem discounts directly from your storefront!

Here’s how to integrate ReferralCandy and S Loyalty:

  1. Create a ReferralCandy account (if you haven’t yet) and locate your account “API Access ID” and “API Secret Key” on your ReferralCandy admin settings page.
  2. Next, create a S Loyalty account for your Shopify or BigCommerce store.
  3. Complete the S Loyalty Startup Wizard to set up the key features of your rewards program in minutes.
  4. Follow the ReferralCandy and S Loyalty integration guide with screencaps.

ReferralCandy and S Loyalty are both committed to making customer engagement easier for ecommerce businesses.

With an integrated rewards program that gives customer points for purchases and referrals, you can focus your time and energy on marketing to re-engage customers and delivering even better customer experiences.

Try S Loyalty now on your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

Si Quan Ong
Si Quan Ong

Si Quan is ReferralCandy's Content Marketing Manager. He is also the co-founder of BreakDance Decoded, an online breakdance training company. He loves standup comedy, and has a dream to visit at least 100 countries in his lifetime.

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