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Skinny Coconut Oil – Ecommerce Case Study


According to their our story page, Skinny & Co was co-founded by brothers Luke and Matthew Geddie.

They came up with a way of making coconut oil that was purer than the alternatives. They’re like the Walter White(s) of coconut oil.

Let’s glance through their various assets and touchpoints.

They have over 21,000 followers on Instagram


Facebook – 18,500+ Likes, over 90 reviews averaging 4.9 stars.


YouTube – 365 subscribers, 35 videos, most popular video has over 18,000 views.


They also have vloggers doing video reviews of their products:


Pinterest – hundreds of pins across dozens of boards


Yotpo reviews


Interviews with bloggers:

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Other great backlinks:

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Other interesting facts:

Apps used:


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