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ReferralCandy Guestpost Guidelines


So you want to pitch a guestpost for the ReferralCandy Blog.

Thank you so much! We’re flattered.

Here are some guidelines and suggestions for how we can make your guestpost successful.

1 – About ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that allows any eCommerce store to create a referral program. Customers can share a referral link with their friends, and for every new purchase both the customer and their friend receives rewards – discounts, cash or special gifts.

A customer referral is proof your business is doing something right, and word of mouth is more trustworthy than advertising. We make it easy for customers to share what they love, get rewarded from it, and help merchants bring in new business. Merchants can also track their top referrers, new customers and the effectiveness of their program.

You can see how it works here. Merchants get to try ReferralCandy free for the first 30 days, and they will be charged USD$49/month after.

2 – The ReferralCandy Blog: Our Vision and Content Strategy

A Source for Clear Thinking and Good Writing

The ReferralCandy blog receives over 100,000 visitors per month and ranks top for a variety of keywords. Over the years we’ve covered plenty of topics and built the blog into a top destination for anyone interested in digital marketing, eCommerce and top-notch thinking and writing.

We aim to make the ReferralCandy blog the destination someone goes to when they need advice, guidance or help on how to grow, manage and market an eCommerce business.

SEO-informed content marketing is a huge part of how we market ReferralCandy.

We write for humans, not Search Engines.

By SEO-informed, I mean every article we write is well-optimized and catered for specific keywords, but we WILL NEVER sacrifice content quality just to rank. In other words, we write for humans, not search engines.

Good writing is difficult, and that’s why we want it

We’re looking for quality writing that is well-researched. We don’t want to become another me-too blog on the Internet that regurgitates stats and ideas from the first 3 hits on Google.

Read this post to find similar thoughts about what I think about mirage content.

The post you’re writing should be the best post about that topic, if not, one of the best.

The eCommerce shopowner or manager must look at the post, and go “Wow! This answered everything I’ve wanted to ask about [topic]!”

Our Target Audience

Our target audience are tech-savvy eCommerce owners and entrepreneurs who are based in North America (USA, Canada), Europe (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden) and Asia-Pacific (Singapore, Malaysia, Australia)

Our blog is in English and we cater to English-readers, but we do have customers who operate their entire business and referral program in French, German and Dutch. Incroyable.

3 – So, how can we provide guestpost contributions?

How to Pitch ReferralCandy

Please have read this entire document (and shared it with your writer as well). If you’d like to pitch, here’s what we’ll need from you.

  • Please provide 3-5 ideas; more will be welcome. Please ensure the ideas are relevant to our audience and goals for the blog as above.
  • An ‘idea’ consists of a title and 3-5 lines about what will be discussed in the blog. If it’s going to be a listicle, offer up the two or three major points with the most content and depth.This allows us to better understand what we can expect in the final article, and help us avoid clashes with scheduled or upcoming content. We can also let you know if the topic has been covered before, and save you time rejecting the piece when it overlaps too much with something we’ve already published.

Sample ideas in the format we want them:

Uploading the Guestpost

  • Once the title has been agreed upon, please head to https://www.referralcandy.com/wp-login.php to upload and submit your article. Raul or Darren will share the credentials with you; DO NOT HIT PUBLISH but save it in drafts. Let us know when you’ve updated, and we’ll get back to you with changes and remarks.
  • There will be other guestposts in progress; you can look if you want, but please do not interfere.

Please provide a Hero Image

  • Please provide a lead image for your guestpost. You can feel free to take the opportunity to add your brand logo in the image.
  • If not, there is every danger that we will use a stock image, or worse, an ugly image put together using paint:

pasted image 0 2

I am not a graphic designer, and I will use stock illustrations.

He tries hard, but bless him he’s better with words

Remember to add the Guestpost Author Credit!

  • Please also add the author-credit at the bottom of the guestpost; the format includes three things;
    1. A profile image (150 x 150) of the author
    2. A line of bio about the author
    3. A line of bio about the company.


pasted image 0 1

ReferralCandy Guestpost Content Guidelines

We have a ReferralCandy Writer’s Onboarding Guide covering what we think about writing. We find it important enough to reproduce some of the key aspects here:

  1. Short introductions are in vogue. Establish the premise and lead into the main meat of your article. No need to go all recipe-site on us.
  2. Use Subheaders, like in this article. Easy to navigate for readers who are skimming, breaks up content sections into logical themes and concepts, and gives an at-a-glance overall flow to the article.
  3. Write in short, concise paragraphs that are easy to read and use Subheaders (H3, H4) to break up the flow of text. Modern readers skim and browse; make it easy to catalogue information.
  4. Use images; they can be stock images as well as original images. Preferably, you will have an image after every 3-5 paragraphs, or at the start of each subsection. You will need to provide a lead image for the article.
  1. Links should go everywhere, not just to your past blog entries or your domain. Happily we don’t have restrictions on backlinks, but if it gets excessive we will trim them. If possible, please avoid linking to our competitors.
  2. Please include at least 3 internal links to past ReferralCandy blogs. This is mostly done so I know you’ll have read this guideline. To make this easy, you can search on Google:site:referralcandy.com “topic of link”To make it easy for you, here is a constantly-updated list of articles you can easily link to.
  3. Disagreement is great, criticism is okay, bashing is not; we may highlight issues with Tesla’s referral program or evaluate the merits and debate around Nike and Kaepernick, but our focus is the marketing and the thinking, not tearing down the persons or issues.
  4. Where possible, please cite stats, reports and details.
  5. If you are submitting a listicle, expectations will be a little more stringent. This is simply because there are plenty of listicles and guestposts out there, and it can be more difficult to make your article stand out. To better present yours in a better light, your submission should have something that stands out against a sea of “Here Are X Adjective Things About Y Subject”
  • Subheaders (for each point) will be more stringently scrutinised
  • Please include an image for each item in your listicle, to break up the text.
  • Please write a strong conclusion.
  • Finally, we’d love it if you could share the post when it’s published on your social channels and even better if on your blog.

What Happens Next?

  • Once all the changes are complete and the editor is satisfied, the guestpost will be published within the week, or up to 2 weeks (depending on calendar availability.)

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us directly at darrenf+guest[at]referralcandy[dot]com and raulg[dot]referralcandy[dot]com.