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The Best Of ReferralCandy’s Blog in 2014


2013 has been a phenomenal year for us, and as it draws to a close, we thought we’d take a moment to review what we’ve been up to!

New features, courtesy of Engineering:

At ReferralCandy, we’re committed to building the best product we possibly can. We’re constantly tweaking it, refining it, adding new features, making it more useful, more powerful.

  • Reward Review Period. Our optional Reward Review Period allows you to review referrals within a specified timeframe (completely up to you!). If you enable this, you’ll have the authority to mark a referral as invalid, and the rewards will not be paid out. (Learn more: Setting A Reward Review Period)
  • Superior Referral Flagging. Once in a rare while, our anti-fraud system might refuse to acknowledge a genuine referral. (Some people are just suspicious, with similar names and emails.) You now have the power to override this. If something is a referral in your eyes, you can make it so! (Learn more: Adding A Referral To Your Campaign)
  • Improved Reward Settings: Every retailer has different circumstances, so we’re constantly working to ensure that our product is able to meet everyone’s unique needs. You can choose how the rewards work with a lot of precision: Set a minimum purchase amount. Decide whether multiple purchases count towards rewards. There’s even an “X number of referrals before reward” option.

We believe that a referral program should aesthetically fit in with the design and style of a store. Your brand comes first.

  • Default Facebook Sharing Message Customizability. You can customize the messages that your customers share on Facebook and Twitter to refer you. (Learn more: Click here)
  • Candy Drips. We have a nifty reminder system in place to make sure that it doesn’t stop your customers from referring their friends to your store! (Learn more: Candy Drips)
  • Text & Stylings of Emails Modifiable Ever wanted to customize what you say on your ReferralCandy Pages (Referral Corner Access Page, Personal pages, and widget)? You can! You can do it yourself from your ReferralCandy dashboard. Reward Pending” & “Reward ineligible” emails are now also customizable. (Learn how here)
  • White Labelling: For just US$149 per month, the White-Label Add-On allows you to directly edit the HTML and CSS of all emails and pages of your referral program. Every. Single. Thing. We’re talking pretty much absolute powerhere, folks. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Learn more.
  • Internationalization Support. ReferralCandy is available in multiple languages.

There’s little point having a powerful referral program if it’s impossible to control! We’re constantly working to give you a better user experience.

  • New User Interface. Your ReferralCandy user interface (UI) now displays a better overview of your Referral Program, as well as access to better data about individual participants. We’re adding all sorts of new features along the way. Have fun exploring! (If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the old UI lurking around. For now.)
  • The ReferralCandy App now more Mobile-Friendly. Responsive design.
  • CSV file upload. You can now conveniently add participants to your referral program, en masse! Easily add participants to your referral program through a CSV file upload. The ReferralCandy app will process the file and send referral emails to all the contacts in the file to invite them to your referral program.
  • Decreased load times on status pages.
  • New referral reports. Stylish, concise, clear. Data presented in a way that makes sense.
  • Improved Pricing Plan Flexibility. Now you can change your pricing plan at any time during the free trial. Pricing plan flexibility: Make adjustments whenever necessary! You can now change your pricing plan at any point in time, without having to contact us! Any changes you make will be reflected in the next billing cycle.
  • Superior Billing Information: You’ll be able to see each and every single component of your bill, with every referral clearly accounted for. You’ll also be able to check your past billing history, right on your dashboard.

What Marketing has been up to:

We’ve written over 100 blogposts this year! You’re absolutely welcome to read them all if you like, but here are our recommendations:


Referral Marketing:


Thank you for sticking with us!

We wish you a very happy, productive, delightful and joyous 2014, and we hope to see more of you in the near future. 🙂


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Visa is ReferralCandy's Blog Editor. He also co-founded Statement.sg, a fashion ecommerce label selling witty t-shirts. He's been thrice named a Top Writer on Quora. He hopes to enjoy a glass of whiskey onboard a commercial space flight someday.

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