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4 Hilarious Ecommerce Stores Obama Might Set Up After His Vacation

So, it’s the end of an era. After 8 memorable years, the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, is finally taking a break.

(He’s currently enjoying a well-deserved vacation over at Richard Branson’s Necker Island.)


What will he do afterwards?

Some wondered if he might someday become a Supreme Court justice. There’s been some buzz that he might even get into venture capitalism.

What if he set up an ecommerce store?


It’s not entirely ludicrous; Obama was described as “the first Internet President“, using his massive email mailing list to organize people.

He was the first one to use Twitter.

He did an incredibly successful AMA on Reddit, which remains the most upvoted AMA of all time.

He’s hung out with people like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma. So he’s clearly in-the-know.

What would he sell?

1. Obama Vapes, for all his fellow ex-smokers

Obama used to be a cigarette smoker, and he’s since quit.

“I’ve been chewing the heck out of nicorettes!” he said to Bill Maher in one of his exit interviews.

Lots of people who vape – use e-cigarettes, that is – say that it helped them quit smoking.

The proof is still inconclusive, but an Obama Vapes store would be pretty neat:


2. Obama Beard Store, to corner the liberal

Lots of public figures seem to enjoy growing out their beards after a long stint of being clean-shaven in the public eye.

L-R: Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, Jon Stewart

Maybe after having to be cleanly shaven for so many years, Obama might consider setting up a beard store?


If he sells some beard oil, I’m buying.

3. Obama Weed Store


We know that Obama smoked marijuana in his college days


We also know that he thinks weed should be treated no different from cigarettes or alcohol.

And most significantly – laws restricting or banning marijuana in the US have been diminished during Obama’s terms as President.

Connect the dots and say it with me: Obama Weed! ?

4. Obama Glossy Photos and Posters – for those who miss the days of POTUS44


In the aftermath of the Trump election, there’s definitely going to be a big market for Obama memorabilia.

Why not cash in?

Realistically though, he’ll probably be Organizing for Action:


Before Obama was President or even Senator, he was a community organizer.

It makes a lot of sense that he’ll continue to use his influence and reach to continue contributing towards social issues that he cares about.

Organizing for Action is a non-profit organization that was founded during Obama’s second term, and it’s still active today. And they have a store that’s currently being updated.


Whatever the former POTUS ends up doing, it’s definitely going to be interesting to watch!


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