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Referral Programs for Healthy Living: How 22 Days Nutrition Uses ReferralCandy To Tap Into Their Fanbase

Founded by fitness expert and trainer-to-the-stars Marco Borges, 22 Days Nutrition promotes healthy living through plant-based lifestyles.

We’ve noticed that their referral program has been gaining momentum, so we interviewed Michael Farin, CTO for 22 Days Nutrition, to learn about his experiences with ReferralCandy.

Building on what’s already working

22 Days Nutrition has built a large, active presence on social networks. At time of writing, they’ve built a following of 155,000 on Facebook, 25,000 on Instagram and nearly 6,000 on Twitter.

22 Days Nutrition notes that word-of-mouth is a key part of their business, so adding a refer-a-friend program to their customer acquisition plans was a natural fit. People were already talking about their brand and referring their friends to 22 Days Nutrition.

“We knew that sharing and word-of-mouth was a big deal for our products, so we looked into referral marketing as a way to tap into our fanbase.”

Here’s just one of many examples of 22 Days’ fans sharing their satisfaction on Instagram:


With ReferralCandy, 22 Days Nutrition saw the potential of accelerating their sales from their already-healthy social network presence.

But whether you have 6,000 Twitter followers or 60, if you’re already getting organic customer referrals, it’s time to consider a referral marketing program to help you supercharge your sales from word-of-mouth.

The power of showing personality

When you visit 22 Days Nutrition, you’ll notice that the site has a strong personality. From the site design to the manifesto page, there’s a visual language that is consistent throughout.

One of the things we love about their referral program is that they do a great job of making it feel like a regular part of their marketing.

Michael’s team baked the promotion for their referral program into the site footer, setting it up for success through high visibility:

22 Days Nutrition: Referral Program

See also: Greats, another ReferralCandy customer, similarly promotes their referral program on every page.

The 22 Days Nutrition referral program also uses the ReferralCandy Twitter card feature. This means that when advocates share referral links on Twitter, an image that matches their brand’s identity pairs with the text:

Playing well with other apps

As a software industry veteran working on a high-profile project, Michael needed to make sure ReferralCandy would play well with their existing apps and shopping platform software.

Fortunately, getting ReferralCandy up and running is is simple. We have integrations with major shopping cart platforms like Magento and Shopify, while also having an easy copy-paste setup for other platforms.

22 Days Nutrition was able to install ReferralCandy and test it out right away.

“As CTO and tech leader on many different projects, I vet software all the time. I did a deep dive of ReferralCandy and it looked solid. After trying it out, everything worked great. ”

A referral program on autopilot

One of 22 Days Nutrition’s favorite aspects of ReferralCandy is that after setup, it handles the day-to-day business of running a customer referral program.

Michael, like the majority of of ecommerce store operators we’ve worked with, was already spread thin across many responsibilities.

So it was important for him to find a referral marketing app that didn’t add things to his already-long to-do list, which allowed him to focus on other matters for the 22 Days Nutrition store.

Michael noted that once ReferralCandy is set up, it runs by itself:

“We liked the ‘set it and forget it’ model for ReferralCandy: configure the rewards, set up the emails, tweak the templates, then we’re done.”

ReferralCandy even manages the admin work of paying out rewards to your advocates:

“We enjoy how ReferralCandy handles the distribution of the payment so we never have to worry about that.”

And we keep all of the stats for your referral program in a handy dashboard, so you can easily check in and see how your campaign is doing at any time.

“ReferralCandy has a great dashboard for analytics, reporting and metrics. We can see how many people are sharing and clicking referral links, which is an encouraging way for us to know that it’s working.”

Amplifying the voice of your brand

If your brand already gets sales from word-of-mouth, a referral marketing app like ReferralCandy can help you give your sales a boost while spreading your message farther and wider.

“We love our referral program. Not only does it bring in additional sales for 22 Days Nutrition, it helps us spread the word for plant-based lifestyles and give people the opportunity to live healthier, happier lives.”


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