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F&B Referral Program Examples – 14 Tantalizing Referral Programs in Food Ecommerce


Before we begin, here some compelling facts about food ecommerce:

1. Food tech is raising serious money – the sector experienced a 51% growth in the past year, raising $486m across 109 deals globally.

Adapted from: CB Insights

2. 51% of this money comes from angel investors and Series A rounds.

Adapted from: CB Insights
Adapted from: CB Insights

3. Just recently:

Just picking a snack subscription box is difficult with the sheer number of choices. And many food startups are turning to word-of-mouth marketing to cut through the chatter of an increasingly competitive space.

In this post, we’ve compiled some of these brands that are using referral programs that help happy and satisfied customers spread the word.

1. Real Food Blends – real food people on feeding tubes

Real Food Blends Page


2. Atlas Snacks – fuel for paleo enthusiasts

Atlas Snacks Referral 1


3. Jaswant’s Kitchen – pre-made spice blends

jaswants-kitchen referral-jaswants-kitchen

4. Freego – gluten-free goods from around the world

Freego Page

5. Fatty Sundays – beautiful chocolate-coated pretzel rods

fatty-sundays referral-fatty-sundays

6. Barefoot Provisions – primal picks for the peckish

Barefoot Provisions Page


7. Love with Food – the snack box that fights hunger


love-with-food referral-love-with-food

9. Zaycon Foods – quality produce at wholesale prices



10. Munchery – gourmet meal delivery in San Francisco


Munchery Referral

11. Craft Coffee – the subscription for connoisseurs

craft-coffee referral-craft-coffee

12. naturebox – the vegan-friendly snack box


naturebox referral-naturebox

13. Treatsie – for the dedicated sweet tooth

Treatsie Invite-A-Friend button


14. plated – takes the planning out of home cooking

plated page

plated Referral

referral-plated-2 referral-plated

 14. Kitchensurfing – the Airbnb for chefs

kitchensurfing page


We are wired to share. And referral programs are a great way to spread awareness of your brand and reward your customers at the same time – whether they’re coffee snobs or busy San Franciscan home cooks.

For more examples, check out our other referral programs examples, or our epic list of 47 referral programs!

Melissa Tsang

Melissa Tsang

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