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Ecommerce & Marketing Insights From Social Review Experts Yotpo [Interview]

It’s hard to talk social reviews without discussing Yotpo. They’ve put together a one-stop social reviews service that is convenient, fast, and completely free until your site exceeds 1 million page views/month!

We discovered them while researching a blogpost we were writing, titled 3 Ways to Harness Customer Reviews To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales. The post was rather well received, so we decided to get in touch with them personally to do a little interview. We talked to Justin, Yotpo’s Content and Social Marketing Manager.


1. How might you explain what Yotpo is to a stranger at a bar?

Yotpo is a free service that helps online store owners generate tons of product reviews and makes it easy for them to use these reviews to gain more traffic and sales.

2. Social reviews are clearly a good idea. How did you come up with it? Did you brainstorm about it, or were you frustrated with a lack of good reviews, or…?

Yotpo was started in order to combat the issue of fake reviews. While working to achieve this goal, Yotpo’s founders (Tomer Tagrin and Omri Cohen) came to realize the power of integrating social features with reviews and building in functionality to leverage reviews for other benefits. When looking at our data we see that Yotpo is now bringing our customers more visitors than Pinterest, YouTube and almost as much as Twitter.

3. As a ecommerce SaaS provider, you’d have encountered many ecommerce stores. In your view, what are the best practices of the best stores?

That’s correct, I’ve seen my fair share of eCommerce sites across over 15 different platforms. If I had to mention my top 3 best practices they would be:

  1. Good visuals – You have such a limited amount of time to grab peoples attention so you need to have visuals which catch the eye and tell your story within the first 3-5 seconds after someone lands on your site.
  2. Detailed product pages – Strong product pages which are well thought out and full of relevant and useful information convert well and will make all the difference to your bottom line.
  3. Do social well – I highly recommend that every online store today use social media as part of their online marketing efforts. If you decide to create an online presence through social media then do it right by putting in the effort, constantly learning how to do it well and make sure you are measuring everything.

4. How often do you get retailers who discover Yotpo by “encountering it in the wild”, as customers themselves?

This happens all the time and is happening more and more often as we expand into new platforms and grow our numbers. We also see a lot of signups from organic searches of the Yotpo brand and through our viral marketing channels. In the last 6 months over 70 million unique visitors landed on our users’ websites.

5. While on the topic of social ecommerce, we’re curious to know– have you encountered or heard about referral programs yourselves? Any thoughts to share?

Honestly ReferralCandy is the only eCommerce related referral program that I’m familiar with. I’m familiar with the concept of referral programs but mainly in industries such as online gambling and pharmaceuticals.

I think the concept is great for eCommerce, especially in the post web 2.0 Internet where 30% of our time is spent on social networks. I strongly believe that recommendation marketing will become a major cornerstone of online marketing in the years to come.

6. What do you think the future of marketing will be like?

There are a number of interesting shifts happening right now in the online marketing world. I believe that SEO as we know it is dead and will have to be replaced by content and social media marketing. I think that recommendation marketing and social reviews will become dominant in the online marketing space, especially for eCommerce.

Content marketing will continue to have a major impact as more and more marketers see the benefits of publishing great content with the aim of directing new traffic and create context with a specific target market.

7. Finally, you mentioned in your ‘about’ page that your vision is to be the unified platform of social reviews. What are some of the challenges you face in trying to achieve that?

One of the major challenges is building integrations for the wide range of eCommerce platforms out there and to maintain these integrations as we add new features to our service. Currently Yotpo is available for 15 different eCommerce platforms and we are adding more all the time. Thankfully we have a kick-ass R&D team at Yotpo who do an amazing job.


Cool Points To Ponder:

  1. Yotpo was started to combat fake reviews. Only by working on this problem did they discover that they could increase ecommerce leads in a powerful way. Always start by solving a real problem that people have!
  2. Best practices for ecommerce stores? Visuals, detailed product pages and a good social media presence.
  3. Future of marketing: When everybody’s SEO is reasonably well optimized, content marketing and peer-recommendations will make all the difference.

If you’re interested in using social reviews for your business, or you’ve simply been taken aback by Yotpo’s super-coolness, check them out over at http://www.yotpo.com.

Samuel Hum

Samuel Hum

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