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Ecommerce Mistakes #1: Critical Business Mistakes [Infographic]

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Mistakes - Part 1 of 6

In the first part of our infographic series, we list out the most common mistakes that can cripple your business right from the beginning. Even the best website and marketing cannot save you when you commit these critical business mistakes!

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Mistakes: Critical Business Mistakes

Text: The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Mistakes – Critical Business Mistakes

1: No focus

“How do you succeed? Specialize. The key point is to choose a niche that is the right size for you.” – Paul Graham, co-founder of Y-Combinator and Viaweb

2: No clear value proposition

“People often don’t know why they might need your product until you tell them, so don’t be afraid to be direct and crystal clear.” – Gregory Ciotti, Content at Helpscout

3: Selling the unsellable

“Yes, it’s an amazing product and yes, your friends all love it. But not everything will sell well through a website.” – Mike Allton, The Social Media Hat

4: Weak Understanding of your Potential Customers

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming you know your customers so well that you really don’t need their input.” – Dale Traxler, practicalecommerce.com

5: Underestimation of the effort involved

“While ecommerce businesses do live in the etheric world of cyberspace, they stil require a significant amount of attention, learning and physical effort to execute, grow and maintain.” – Ian Mills, Magicdust

You don’t need a 100-page business plan, but you’ll need a sound understanding of:

  • Your product
  • The market
  • Your competitors
  • Your customers
  • Yourself



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