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Diet Supplements Referral Program Examples: BikiniBOD


BikiniBOD helps women lose weight and bring out the beauty they have within them.

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Founded by IFBB Bikini Pro and personal trainer Christie Cash and accomplished beauty industry expert Helen Christoni, BikiniBOD provides women with a go-to supplement for losing weight and keeping healthy.

Working with the nutrition industry’s finest formulation scientists, BikiniBOD’s supplements give women what they really want: anti-aging, mental clarity, skin elasticity, bountiful hair and beautiful nails.

To date, BikiniBOD enjoys a pretty awesome referral rate of 7.5%, which means that more than 7 out of every 100 purchases comes from referrals!

We spoke to Stevie Duffin-Lutgen, marketing analyst at BikiniBOD, and asked her about their favorite marketing apps, referral rewards, and their success using ReferralCandy.

But first, here’s some background on the company:

  • Compact team of approx. 8 – including a graphic designer, a developer, and an external brand architect.
  • Sells online from their website.

“What are the top 3 things that you care the most about?”

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  1. People liking our products – We put a lot of love and research into our products, and we aren’t afraid to go to our manufacturer and say ‘Hey, a lot of people are getting this effect. What’s that all about?’ We do whatever it takes “
  2. A strong brand identity that speaks for us – We want to have a brand that reflects who we are, that represents the ideals that we hold up. We want to encourage body acceptance and the idea of becoming the most beautiful version of yourself.”
  3. Attribution – From a marketing viewpoint, I need to know where every single purchases are coming from so that we can fully understand what channels are the strongest and where we should invest more or less money, etc.”

“Where do you see the business heading?”


“We want to be a national name and a brand that’s highly recognisable.

That way we can continue to churn out really high-quality products that are effective, especially since we’re in an industry that’s saturated with false promises.

To achieve that, we’re doing a lot of research and expanding our range of products, so we can provide even more high-quality supplements and things like tea formulas and protein shakes.”

“What are some business apps or tools that you have used for your business and are satisfied with?”

  • Famebit, Grapevine Logic – Connects brands with content creators and influencers on platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • ReferralCandy – Nice and simple solution to managing and monitoring our referral program.

“Why did you start using ReferralCandy?”

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“We wanted a way to spread word of mouth faster. Realizing that advertising networks were just not working out for us, we thought about how we could develop a program that allows our customers to easily share their love for BikiniBOD while reaping some benefits/commission from it at the same time.

ReferralCandy was recommended to me by my team who had used it in the past and really liked it.

People around me seemed to like it enough that I’ve never heard a word about anything else. So as far as I was concerned, ReferralCandy was the only option.”

“Why did you decide to give our cash rewards instead of discounts?”

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“It’s really tempting to offer discounts and have people keep coming back to your site. While that certainly works for other people, we just want to provide a program that has people truly enthusiastic about the kind of reward that they are getting.

So we think that providing people with money that they are free to spend anywhere they like is a more valuable prospect.

Another thing is: we invest a lot of time and research into the ingredients and into our product, so our manufacturing cost is pretty high. As a result, we don’t discount our products at all.

So we’d rather pay people outright if they’re going to be spreading the word about us.

It’s a bigger thank you in our eyes.”

“So what are two features that you like most about ReferralCandy?”

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  1. “The in-app invite –  I like how it’s really easy to invite ambassadors or influencers to our referral program from within the ReferralCandy app.”
  2. It’s really user-friendly – I love how I can customise all of the popups, emails, referral rewards and friend offers without the help of my desk team.”

Interested to find out more about BikiniBOD? Check them out now!

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