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7 Cringeworthy Moments Every Marketer Dreads

On a good day, marketing is fun, interesting, and full of learning experiences. It’s creative, it’s challenging, you get to express yourself.

Let’s talk about the bad days.

Here are just some of the things that might happen to a marketer to ruin his entire day:

1. When you send out thousands of emails starting with “Hey FIRSTNAME,”…

Always double-check. Always send yourself a test email. Get the person next to you to glance through it.

2. When you mix up the ‘daily’ and ‘lifetime’ budgets for a Facebook ad and spend $3,000 in a day

DOUBLE CHECK THIS. CHECK IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. You can never be too careful.

You never want to spend too much on any single Facebook ad, anyway.

3. When you spend 2 weeks researching and writing a blogpost, and you get less than 10 hits

Always write with specific people in mind. And then literally hand it to them. Don’t write “for everyone”.

4. When you send out a tweet that gets mocked… forever


Well, at least nobody knows who the person responsible was.

5. When you delete an entire mailing list that your company spent thousands of dollars building

Yes, this actually happened to somebody.

Make backups. Make copies. Make copies of copies.

5. When your well-intended corporate hashtag gets hijacked…

This happens so often that it would be wise for any social media marketer of a large company to first ask, “how are people who hate us going to use this to laugh at our expense?”

#MCDstories, #AskBG, #myNYPD and many, many more.

6. When you accidentally mixup your personal and company Twitter accounts

This actually happens every so often.

Advice: If you have your company’s Twitter profile on your device, make sure you check every single tweet carefully before you send it.

And if you know you’re not that good at being rigorous, use a different app or client.

7. When you unwittingly offend a billion people

This happened to Amazon, twice – when third-party vendors sold culturally offensive products like Mahatma Gandhi slippers. 

But remember: Ultimately…

Despite all the precautions you take, you’re almost definitely going to screw something up at some point in time.

Remember that it’s not the end of the world. Everybody makes mistakes. When something bad happens, it might feel like you’re never going to get over it.

But eventually, it will pass, and you’ll look back on it as a funny story to tell.


Sharan Kaur

Sharan likes no-nonsense brands that avoid fluffing and focus on producing quality products. She's often frustrated by bad design and unnecessary complexity. Enjoys cat GIFs (but who doesn't?)

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