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Amazon Prime’s Referral Program – 8 Points To Take Note Of

“Amazon has a secret weapon in Amazon Prime.” – CIRP co-founder Josh Lowitz As Amazon is now the world’s largest retailer, it’s far too easy to forget that they weren’t always the king of retail. In...

Tesla Gives $1,000 To Advocates AND Referred Friends (+More)

Cutting-edge electric car company Tesla Motors referral program was so good…  …they’ve launched it for the second time! Tesla discontinued its referral program in February 2019 as the company had...

Analyzing Starbucks’ Epic (Discontinued) Referral Program

It seems on every corner, there is a coffee shop waiting to sell you overpriced lattes, each competing with the other for the coffee-obsessed customer base that drives past every morning. And Starbucks makes...

Ecommerce Business Case Studies

If you want to learn from those who are already doing it, then take a look through these ecommerce business case studies. From overall marketing strategy to branding and customer service, these online shops have figured out how to keep their customers happy and grow their profits.

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