How Gillette Dominates the World Market with Innovation

Monique Danao
Monique Danao
March 21, 2018
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How Gillette Dominates the World Market with Innovation

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Gillette is worth $19.2 billion.

Its products are used by 750 million men from around the world, according to Euromonitor. How does it dominate the world’s market for razors and personal care products? Read on to find out!

"Welcome Back”—aimed at online rivals

A few years ago, Gillette lost part of its market share to rivals Harry's and Dollar Shave Club. These brands promised to deliver cheaper razors to customer's homes. As a result, Gillette's sales took a hit and its market share fell by 10 percentage points.

The brand launched "Welcome" to lure customers back to the brand. It featured a website and infographic that compared Gillette's razors to its competitors.

The headline read, "Not all blades are created equal."

“The Gillette campaign is a lighthearted way of bringing that core message of quality to life, but through the lens of real guys,” P&G spokeswoman Kara Buckley said, in an interview. “Everything out there feels shiny and new right now, but as you start to really look a little deeper you can’t get away from the point that quality really does count.”

It included testimonials from customers who returned to Gillette, after trying the razors of its competitors.

It also claimed that an estimate of 200,000 customers returned to the brand through data from 2013 to 2014.

Teaches Men How to Shave Different Body Parts Through Youtube Videos

How does Gillette increase its blade sales?

The brand taught customers how to shave different parts of their bodies. It created informative tutorials on YouTube.

In the video, "Head Shaving Tips for Men" viewers were taught how to shave their head, using the Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor.

There are also how-to videos for shaving armpits and the groin.

Uses Top Athletes to Promote Its Brand

How do you get men to pay attention to your brand?

Use sports celebrities as the face of your campaign.

In an ad titled "Fans of Steel", Lionel Messi and Roger Federer shaved in a locker room, with an array of Gillette razors. Each razor represented the top sport for a specific country. As the athletes used them, they were forced to compete with each other in various sports.

They battled it out on cricket, sumo wrestling, F1 racing and football.

Gillette brand manager, Jared Reagan, said that Messi and Federer were chosen because they represented the qualities of the brand, "Gillette is a brand with a long history in sport and knows that it takes ‘Inner Steel’ for sportsmen of all levels to perform at their best. Elite sportsmen show all the qualities we look to for ourselves and our brand: to be the very best you can be at what you choose to do; ultimate dedication and commitment to your team and your goals; and an unwavering desire to succeed and a will to in.

Sells the Gillette Experience by Showcasing Bold, Sexy and Confident Men

Gillette advertises shaving in a unique way.

Shaving isn't just simple grooming.

Its related to success and achievement. A man shaves because he wants to prepare for success. He wants to be get the ladies, ace the job and be confident.

In the brand’s “Slay the Weekend” ad, it featured how men could stay sharp with the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide.

So, Gillette doesn't simply advertise touching the razor and using the product. Instead, it features bold and sexy men on its ad, to get customers to think that by using their razors, they can get the same experience!

Here’s what we’ve learned from Gillette’s success:

  • Sell your brand experience
  • Use top athletes to promote your brand
  • Teach customers how to use your products via Youtube videos
  • Target your rivals
Monique Danao
Monique Danao

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