How Coach Stays Ahead With Innovative Marketing Strategies

Monique Danao
Monique Danao
October 23, 2017
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How Coach Stays Ahead With Innovative Marketing Strategies

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Coach is worth $11.1 billion.

Its one of the most popular luxury brands in the world and its growth isn’t stopping anytime soon.

How did Coach’s billion dollar empire maintain its status? In part, through new and innovative marketing strategies.

1. Curated Instagram Feed

Coach's curated Instagram feed is what sets it apart from competitors.

The brand posts high-quality photos and illustrations featuring its products.

For example, Coach collaborated with legendary street artists and graffiti artists in New York City for a series of mural projects. It featured works by artists SUCH, WhIsBe, Tats Cru, Hellbent, Crash, Jason Naylor, and Dain among many others. The 13 outdoor murals highlighted each artist's unique vision on the Coach signature print.

coach's marketing strategies

To celebrate its SS2018 collection, Coach posted Instagram photos by Steven Maisel. The photos’ theme was '70s New York City, and it featured models in American outdoors-esque clothing.

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"New York City is a continual inspiration, we've taken the Coach gang throughout the boroughs of the city, whether it be a scrap yard, a suburban street, or a park," Coach creative director Stuart Vevers said in an interview with "The subway is in a way a representation of the city itself—a melting pot. There is a certain ease to the Coach collection. While the pieces are special and very personal, the clothing and accessories are meant to work in the city. I always say the Coach girl works hard and expects her fashion to work just as hard."

2. Posted a VR video to give fans an NYFW sneak peek

Coach leveraged the power of technology in New York Fashion Week last 2016.

marketing campaign

The brand gave fans a sneak peek and behind-the-scenes footage of their runaway shows in virtual reality.

Viewers were able to see the upcoming designs and campaign images, before they were available in stores.

Plus, they got to view the bags and shoes in the collection, as if they were watching from the front row.

3. Partnered with IMG to launch a virtual reality experience in Coach stores

Last 2017, Coach took their virtual reality experience to the next level by partnering up with IMG.

virtual reality marketing

The brand allowed customers in 20 select Coach stores to experience its latest runway shows. Shoppers enjoyed the perspective of watching from the front row as they got a preview of the items before they hit the shelves.

The strategy was meant to drive traffic to physical stores.

“This experience aligns perfectly with Simon Malls’ commitment to exploring new, innovative and creative ways to engage shoppers and drive traffic to our centers,” said Chidi Achara, the developer’s global creative director.

4. Creates High-Quality Youtube Videos

Coach maintains a YouTube channel with high-quality videos that highlight its prestige.

For its SS2018 campaign, they posted a behind-the-scenes look of their limited-edition Coach x Selena Gomez collection.

Their channel also features original films.

In their Holiday 2017 campaign, the brand created a video that made the Coach Holiday world come to life. Colors popped, metallic shined, and Rexy came out to play.

Here’s a recap of what we’ve learned from Coach’s success:

  • Create high-quality Youtube videos
  • Launch virtual reality experiences in physical stores
  • Curate your Instagram feed
  • Post virtual reality videos
Monique Danao
Monique Danao

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