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The Best Of ReferralCandy’s Blog in 2015


The ReferralCandy Blog (you’re on it right now!) recently crossed a pretty cool milestone: over 500 blogposts published.

The blog has been active since 2010, so that’s half a decade of blogging. We published 190 posts in 2014, and 150 in 2015.

In the past year we’ve…

Here are some of the best posts from the year!

  1. They’ll Remember You Forever: 90+ Examples of ‘Made To Stick’ Principles in Marketing
  2. Jonah Berger’s Contagious – 75 Infectious Examples of Catchy Marketing
  3. Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion (Over 50+ Examples Inside!)
  4. How To Get Word-of-Mouth: 40+ Successful Examples To Learn From
  5. 13 Examples Of Killer Marketing, According To Ogilvy’s @RorySutherland
  6. How Warby Parker Earned Word-of-Mouth By Using Storytelling And Remarkable Experiences (8+ Examples)
  7. Storytelling for Brands: The Ultimate Storytelling Guide [Infographic]
  8. The Greatest Memes Of The Decade [2005 – 2015]
  9. Freedom, Power, Sex & Desire: Word-of-Mouth wisdom from Ernest Dichter
  10. Watch Referral Program Examples: How DapperTime Uses Referrals To Grow Its Stylish Business
  11. Referring Friends To A Good Night’s Sleep – Ecommerce Growth Lessons From Leesa
  12. Bedding Referral Program Examples: Brooklinen
  13. Referral Programs for Healthy Living: How 22 Days Nutrition Uses ReferralCandy To Tap Into Their Fanbase
  14. How To Set Up Your Referral Program’s Incentives (With 12+ Examples!)
  15. How To Write Great Emails Asking For Referrals



Visakan Veerasamy

Visa is ReferralCandy's former Blog Editor [2013–2018]. He also co-founded Statement.sg, a fashion ecommerce label selling witty t-shirts. He's mildly Internet-famous for his elaborate Twitter threads. He hopes to enjoy a glass of scotch onboard a commercial space flight someday.

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