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Apparel Referral Program Examples: 1950 Collective

Welcome to the 1950 Collective – a place made for One Direction fans, by One Direction fans.

1950 Collective Homepage
1950 Collective’s homepage

They have over 31,000 followers on Instagram and over 15,700 followers on Twitter – and they donate 10% of profits to charity.

Let’s check out their referral program:

1. 1950 Collective’s referral program is clearly shown on their homepage, increasing the chances of visitors checking it out.

1950 Collective Referral Program CTA Homepage Header Top
1950 Collective’s referral program CTA in the header

You can spot their referral program CTA on every page, both at the top and the bottom:

1950 Collective Referral Program CTA Homepage Bottom
1950 Collective’s referral program CTA in the footer

The more visible your referral program CTA is, but more likely your customers will actually know you have one.

This knowledge can sometimes nudge customers towards making a purchase. For instance, people might be more willing to buy something if they know they can get a discount for it by sharing it with their friends.

Customers who know of friends who might like the same product might also be compelled to share if they know their friends can benefit from the referral program.

2. 1950 Collective grants referred friends a 10% discount, and rewards advocates with a free shirt for every 5 successful referrals.

1950 Collective Referral Program
1950 Collective’s referral program details and instructions

By offering a free shirt after five successful referrals, which is essentially the same as giving five 20% discounts, the 1950 Collective is able to appeal to our innate love for free stuff.

1950 Collective Referral Program Page ReferralCandy
1950 Collective’s referral program portal

If you’re considering alternatives to giving discounts as referral rewards or friend offers, credits and cash are other popular choices.

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