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6 Youtube Videos to Inspire Your Team to Success

You may have realised this by now but there are many crucial things we can learn from watching Youtube videos — like how to get a girlfriend, create a successful ecommerce site, pretend to understand quantum mechanics, and do the party rock shuffle. You name it, there’s a video out there telling you how to do it (someone should host a competition to find something you can’t learn from Youtube).

We think that Youtube is also a great way to inspire you and your team to dare the impossible and live the dream, through a particular genre of inspirational videos – sometimes profound, sometimes funny, often both.

Whether you’re down in the trenches and it looks like things couldn’t get worse, or you’re so close to your goal that you can smell the sweet stench of victory, here’s a lighthearted look at ReferralCandy’s top 6 inspirational videos that will have you sobbing in one hand and breaking out the Red Bull for another all-nighter with the other.

1. Steve Jobs’ “Insanely Great” Commencement Speech at Stanford

This is the granddaddy of inspirational speeches, and rightly so, because Steve Jobs manages to encapsulate in 15 minutes the story of his life and his success with brutal clarity and honesty. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out.

2. Entrepreneurs Can Change the World 

Not only is this video a great example of inbound marketing by a startup called grasshopper.com, it’s also a touching reminder of why entrepreneurs really are changing the world in their big and small ways.

3. Will Smith’s Success Secrets for Young Entrepreneurs

Sure the legendary Man In Black sounds a little insane at times here, but his infectious enthusiasm and fire will have you reaching for Mars in your next sales target. Hey, when you hunt aliens for a living and your son is the Karate Kid, you’ve got to know something about winning!

4. What Truly Motivates Us

Ok, so this is not quite an inspirational video in the same vein as the rest, but rather an excellent cartoon deconstruction of the science behind our motivations at work, by the former speechwriter for Al Gore, Daniel Pink. The bottomline: motivated workers have autonomy in their jobs, get opportunities to hone their craft and find meaning in their work. This is of course great news for businesses who think they don’t have the cash to pay for talent – the best talent works for passion and self-mastery.

5. Al Pacino’s “Inches” speech in the movie Any Given Sunday

From director Oliver Stone’s 1999 football film Any Given Sunday comes one of the greatest movie speeches ever to grace Youtube. 10 million views don’t lie, this is powerful stuff from Al Pacino as he prepares his team for the final showdown. This one’s for the boys when the chips are down, because as Pacino tells us, “the inches that we need are everywhere around us”. Spine-chilling.

6. “Never Give Up” Video on Disabled War Vet

What does a disabled war vet’s true story have to do with building an enterprise? Well, it turns out — everything. The doctors told former paratrooper Arthur Boorman that he would never walk again. The doctors, it turns out, were wrong. Break out the tissues for this one.

Have a break. A Youtube break.

Sure, just watching videos is not going to make you an overnight success. But these clips remind us of what’s important, what’s possible and what’s holding us back. So the next time you’re down and out or just weary from the daily grind, take a 10 min Youtube break. It might just make your day.

Got a favourite video that’s not on this list? Let us know below.


Alvinl is the marketing guy at www.ReferralCandy.com, the refer-a-friend app that increases your sales through word of mouth. In his spare time he loves geeking out on technology, psychology and economics news.



Alvin loves geeking out on technology, psychology and economics news.

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