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Ecommerce Mistakes #3: Website Mistakes [Infographic]

Ultimate guide to ecommerce mistakes - Website

As an ecommerce retailer who has nailed down your business plan and managed to bring potential customers to your online store, the last thing you (and your customer) want is a malfunctioning website greeting visitors.

In the third part of our infographic series, we look at the common mistakes that will break your website even before anyone gets to start shopping in it.

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Mistakes: Common Website Mistakes

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Text: Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Mistakes – Website Mistakes

1: Too slow

“Every 2 seconds of load time on your site equals an 8% abandonment rate, according to Gomez, the application monitor from Compuware.” – Todd Wasserman, Mashable Business Editor

2:  Not planning for traffic spikes

“If you can spend time driving traffic to the site, you should be able to spend the time working with your IT department to harden th website for the upcoming traffic spike.” – Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners

3: Poor platform choice

“Generally, a wrong choice would be an ecommerce platform that is unsuitable for your needs, outdated, underdeveloped, unnecessarily customized, not professionally supported, or put together by a friend-of-your-cousin’s-boyfriend.” – Ian Mills, MagicDust

4: Not testing to see what works

“All the links on your site, including product descriptions, photos, the shopping card, feedback, and others, should be routinely tested to make sure they work.” – AllBusiness.com

5: Mobile Incompatibility

“The transition to mobile has begun. If you don’t offer a mobile-friendly experience, your revenues will decline.” – Dale Traxler

6: Browser Incompatibility

“When conversions are on the line, you don’t want your site picking a fight with a potential shopper’s browser of choice.” – Lyn Peyok, Dowitcher Designs

Here’s how to make sure your website doesn’t let you down:

  • Do thorough research on ecommerce platforms and pick the best one for your needs
  • Plan ahead for increased traffic during peak seasons
  • Use less flash and dynamic pages to make pages load faster
  • Trigger automatic email alerts for 404 errors
  • Test your website routinely across browsers and mobile devices
  • Get external usability feedback

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