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Food Delivery Referral Program Examples – Munchery

Food Delivery referral program examples Munchery featured image ReferralCandy

Ordering food delivery can be tricky. Sometimes the delivered food doesn’t look appealing; sometimes it’s cold and doesn’t taste as nice after reheating.

But fret not; Munchery is here to solve all your food delivery woes.

Munchery home page

They provide gourmet-standard food cooked by local top chefs, delivered right to your doorstep.

Their menu is very extensive and affordable, with dishes ranging from entrees to desserts.

Special dietary restrictions, like gluten- and dairy-free dishes are also offered.

We’ve not had the chance to try it out, but if we were to judge by the food pictures on their website, everything looks pretty darn good.

In 2012, Munchery started a referral program to encourage their customers to tell their friends about them.

Let’s take a look at some features of their referral program:

1. Referral program CTA appears when you are making an order

Munchery menu header referral program CTA 1

The moment customers enter their zip code, they’ll be presented with dishes deliverable within that region.

But before they get to see the menu, they’re presented with a CTA for their referral program. It shows that they’re serious about promoting their referral program.

In case you’re wondering if it’s a good idea to have the referral program CTA at the top of the page, it appears again as you scroll down to check out the menu:

Munchery menu page scroll referral program CTA 2

It doesn’t interfere with visitors checking out the menu; instead, it appears subtly at the side, where you might actually mistake it for a dish.

If you’re logged in, mousing over the CTA will reveal your personalized referral link and social sharing icons.

Munchery menu page scroll referral program CTA mouseover

Referring friends can be done with a simple click of a button.

2. Customizable referral URL for easy remembering and sharing

Munchery referral program page

Allowing customers to personalize their referral links might seem trivial, but they’re not.

Customizable referral links make them unique, and easy for you and your friends to remember. It’s easier for my friends to remember my name than something like “FT7053D”.

3. Referred friend sign up page clearly lists out the benefits

Munchery referred friend signup page

Advocates don’t always take the time or trouble to tell their friends what they’ve been referred to.

Munchery makes sure to list out the benefits for signing up, so everyone is clear about it.

It also acts as a final nudge for referred friends who are still hesitant about signing up.

4. Well-designed mobile app offer additional discounts

Munchery mobile app screengrab 2

Their mobile app allows customers to order on the go, and receive additional discounts while doing so.

Providing a mobile app shows the amount of confidence Munchery has in the amount of people who will find it easier ordering through their phones.

Let’s also not forget how pretty the app looks.

Stuff to note:

  • Good design and beautiful visuals makes everything more appealing: Food is half taste and half presentation. When your product is cooked by gourmet chefs, it had better look beautiful. Munchery has nailed this, as everything looks so delicious.
  • Make the referral process as fuss-free as possible: From one-click referrals to customizable referral urls, Munchery ensures that their customers will have minimal obstacles when it comes to referring to their friends.
  • Be generous: Munchery offers a referral discount of $20. Most of their dishes hover around $9 – $12, so customers can essentially buy three dishes for the price of one!


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