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How To Use Reciprocity In Marketing (+10 Killer Examples)

So much of marketing comes down to understanding human behavior. After all, you’ve got to convince your potential customers to purchase your product or service… …and it’s very unlikely...

Choosing Your Referral Program Incentives (20+ Examples!)

Setting up a referral program for your business can seem daunting, but knowing how to choose the right referral program incentives can be especially difficult for busy merchants. Customers ask us all the time...

3 Ways To Boost Your Profit Margin Through Customer Retention

Profit margins refer to the percentage of revenue left behind after reducing costs, depreciation, taxes, and interest. Healthy profit margins are the heart of your business. Your business must be profitable...

Customer Retention

Learn how to keep your hard-won customers so that they keep coming back to your shop over and over again.

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