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24 Social Proof Examples From Brands That Are Doing It Right

Ever walked past a restaurant with a long line and thought to yourself: “The food must be good if people are waiting that long to get in.” You assume that the food must be well worth the long waiting times...

Going Beyond Ads, Top Brands Are Tapping Into Their Community

In one survey, 47% of marketers said they’d be “priced out” of Facebook advertising as ad costs keep rising. Has that time finally arrived? In 2021, Facebook ad costs were up 89% year-over-year—and ad prices...

13 Free Tools for Ecommerce Competitor Research on Rival Brands

Competitor analysis can keep your ecommerce brand one step ahead. Ecommerce is highly competitive, and our merchants are always asking for benchmarks and best practices. So why not take a leaf from your...

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