The Ultimate Guide To WooCommerce Marketing (For Growth)

Andrea Eriksson
Andrea Eriksson
August 13, 2018
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The Ultimate Guide To WooCommerce Marketing (For Growth)

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So you've probably taken the plunge and set up your own e-commerce store on WooCommerce. Growing your sales will always be a concern whether you're just starting out or your store has been around awhile and you want to give your sales a boost.

We look at the some of the ways you can market your WooCommerce store today.

WooCommerce Marketing

The Benefits of Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a great way to run a business and make money while you’re on the go. You can choose to sell almost anything you want and you can run the business on the side of your day job. Most people make it their full time job once the profit is big enough.

It’s fairly simple to create an ecommerce store. You have to have a concept, a product and an ecommerce platform to start your business. WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms that offers you a simple set up to be able to have your store up and running in minutes!

WooCommerce Downloads
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Next step – WooCommerce marketing

Once you have your concept, products and store set up, you need to attract customers.

Yes, you guessed it, this is where you have to go all in on your marketing. WooCommerce marketing contains several tricks you can do to draw attention to your store and actually sell those products you spent so long picking out.

Want to find out how to do proper WooCommerce marketing? Keep on reading!

Grow your store – WooCommerce marketing

  1. Have a clear social media marketing strategy
  2. Invest in ads and sponsored posts
  3. Collect emails for email marketing
  4. Choose the best plugins for your store
  5. Constantly learn and find new inspiration
  6. Engage in referral programs

1 – Have a clear social media marketing strategy

As you probably already know, social media is the most important tool in marketing right now. It’s is essential to your brand to have a proper and thorough social media marketing strategy. How do you achieve this?

Start with the basics. What is your target audience? What kind of content would interest them? Design your strategy around your customers to make them feel like they benefit from following you.

Next, decide what kind of formats you want to use. Videos, blog posts and infographics are all very useful. Add value to your customer’s life while entertaining them.

Social media stands for different social platforms. It’s not necessary to be present on all platforms. Choose the platforms that make the most sense to your brand. If you have a clothing store, you might want to pick Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest over Twitter. This is because you will most likely post a lot of photos and footage of your clothing lines and less text.

A social media strategy that is well thought out and consistent is really important if you want to successes with your WooCommerce marketing. You can even start building up a following before the store launches.

2 – Invest in ads and sponsored posts

When you have your social media accounts and your ecommerce store set up, it is wise to invest in ads. Ads exists for a reason and that is to reach even more people and see a bigger result. Some people might strictly want to grow organically. The truth is, however, that growing organically in 2018 is very hard. It takes a lot longer than it used to. The best way to reach people is to mix both sponsored and organic posts.

You have a few main options that are worth your coins – Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram ads. We recommend that you try these before anything else and remember to analyze your results according to the ROI on your ad investments.

WooCommerce Marketing: Invest in sponsored posts

3 – Collect emails for email marketing

Something that’s sometimes underrated, is email marketing. Implementing this to your WooCommerce marketing will help you a great deal. Why? There are many ways to benefit. One way is to collect your visitors’ emails with the help of pop-ups. To prevent them from just closing the pop-up, you can offer an incentive like free material or a discount. This way, you’ll create an email list. You can use the email list to send out weekly newsletters, special offers and other marketing material.

Some other brilliant ways to use email marketing:

  • Follow up on purchases and ask for feedback
  • Email those who abandon their carts
  • Do surprise giveaways

4 – Choose the best plugins for your WooCommerce store

The best thing about having your store on WooCommerce is that you have a range of plugins to choose from! A plugin is kind of like an app that you install, and in this case, your store is like your phone. The plugins are synced to the store and better the overall experience.

Does this mean that you should add as many plugins as possible? No, of course not. You should only add those that will be beneficial. Some plugins might have too similar purposes and might clash and confuse your customers. Choose the plugins with care.

Look for plugins that:

  • Enable the option to leave reviews on products
  • Add an “urgency clock”, to speed up sales
  • Send emails when a cart is abandoned
  • Helps you with SEO to rank you higher in Google searches
  • Gives the opportunity to collect points and rewards

The list goes on. Matter of fact, there are many useful plugins. You can collect useful data and automate your emails without having to do much yourself. We compiled a list of 8 amazing plugins for WooCommerce that you just have to take a look at. Let the plugins do the work for you!

WooCommerce Plugins
Source: WooCommerce

5 – Constantly learn and find new inspiration

When it comes to any brand and any type of marketing, it’s really important not to get too comfortable. Things change all the time. If you look back at marketing 10 years ago, didn’t it look different that it does now? Social media was barely a thing. Now, it’s everything.

If you look back on social media and how it worked 4 years ago, you will also notice how different things are compared to now. This is why you can’t stop evolving. You have to keep up with the changes and the trends even if you don’t want to follow them.

Same goes with your store. You can’t keep your store looking the same for 20 years, right? Your store needs to evolve just as much as your social media strategy. Observe other success stories in WooCommerce and WooCommerce marketing and get some inspiration. Need some inspiration right now? Take a look at our post about some of the best ecommerce sites built with WooCommerce.

How do you stay updated and on top of your game in order to be able to offer your customers the latest? Read blogs and niches news outlets! Anything can be found on the wide world web. You can find blogs dedicated to WooCommerce and how to constantly keep your store fresh and up to date. Want help with finding the best WooCommerce blogs? We recently listed the best WooCommerce blogs in 2018!

And just as it’s important as it is to keep your store looking fresh, you have to make sure to stay updated on social media changes. Social media platforms change their features several times a year, and within the last few years, they’ve all implemented algorithms which affect your organic reach. You won’t be able to reach the same amount of people by just using relevant hashtags. Now, the most fruitful way of growing your social media accounts are working with influencers and sponsored posts as mentioned earlier.

Blue Star Coffee Roasters
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6 – Engage in referral programs

In the last paragraph, we mentioned influencers. Why does influencer marketing work so well? Loyal followers of influencers often look up to them and believe in products they endorse leading to sales. Influencers build a strong relationship with their audience based on trust. Same goes with our family and friends, right?

Many companies work with referral programs. This is a way for your customer to refer their friends, family and colleagues to your store and in return get rewarded. Most people love a little reward be it cash or free products, so when this option exists, many tend to refer at least one person. Smart, isn’t it?

ReferralCandy runs successful referral programs that attract sales and new customers to your store. We believe that word-of-mouth is still a very strong marketing method that brings a lot of sales to a business. There are several WooCommerce stores that have used ReferralCandy successfully.

ReferralCandy makes it super easy for you to add a referral program to your WooCommerce store. Once you’ve installed the plugin, customers can start getting rewarded by referring their friends to your store via unique referral links.

ReferralCandy Merchants

Not sure if a referral program will work for you? Try ReferralCandy free for 30-days. Find out how to install the WooCommerce plugin and how to get the most out of it, here.

ReferralCandy wishes you the best of luck and success in your entrepreneurship!

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