55 Top Marketing Blogs You MUST Follow (According To Marketers)

Si Quan Ong
Si Quan Ong
September 12, 2019
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55 Top Marketing Blogs You MUST Follow (According To Marketers)

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Out adrift in the vast sea of online content, it's very easy to suffer from content overload.

"What should I read?"

"Who should I follow?"

"How will I know if their advice is helpful?"

To save you the trouble, we decided to compile a list of our own favorite blogs that we follow!

We've previously featured 25 such marketing blogs, but as the post was originally published in 2014, many of the blogs that we've featured have either ceased to exist, or have not been updated for a long time.

We've decided to give this post a long overdue update.

This new list of blogs was chosen for their thought leadership and/or breathtaking presentation. They've helped us gain new perspectives and improved the way we work– and we're betting you'll experience the same thing.

This time round, we've also sorted them into the different marketing categories, so you can jump straight into the best of the best in the category you want to learn more about. I've also extracted their most popular blog posts (using Ahrefs' Site Explorer) to give a quick headstart on what their blog is like

(NOTE: If you're looking for the best ecommerce blogs, you can find them here.)

Without further ado, here are 55 of the best marketing blogs (sorted by categories).


Click on the following links to jump to your relevant topic:

General Marketing

1. HubSpot

Hubspot blog

The HubSpot blog receives millions of visitors a month, and is one of the most popular blogs about marketing on the Internet. It covers every single imaginable topic about marketing, even hiring.

HubSpot's blog posts are highly actionable and incredibly detailed (which is pleasantly surprising for a blog of this size). You'll learn a whole lot about marketing if you were to take the time to read some of their best blog posts.

Popular Posts:

2. Digital Marketer

best marketing blogs digitalmarketer certification digital marketing

Led by marketing guru Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer is a website dedicated to providing online certifications and education to aspiring and expert digital marketers.

As a result, DigitalMarketer's blog also covers a wide range of online marketing topics, including content marketing, conversion rate optimization, SEO, and much much more.

Popular Posts:

3. Duct Tape Marketing

best marketing blogs duct tabe marketing small business

Duct Tape Marketing dispenses practical advice for small businesses written by John Jantsch and other guest writers.

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author for books such as "Duct Tape Marketing", "The Commitment Engine" and "The Referral Engine".

Popular Posts:

4. G2 Learn Hub

best marketing blogs g2 learn g2crowd marketing section

G2 appeared on our radar after their incredible Road to 1 Million Organic Monthly Visits. What you may remember as "G2Crowd", a software review website has become a content marketing powerhouse and built out a Product and Brand Marketing Hub, covering everything from 'How to Run a Successful Brand Ambassador Company' to 'Everything You Need to Know About Co-branding.

Popular Posts:

5. CoSchedule

best marketing blogs coschedule social calendar

CoSchedule is a software that allows you to manage your content and social media calendar with just one dashboard. This allows you to plan your editorial calendar better, timing for the right events, launches and so on.

To support their product, the CoSchedule team has also created a world-class blog covering every online marketing topic possible.

Popular Posts:

(Bonus!) The Agency Vista blog

The Agency Vista blog is a go-to resource for many marketing agencies, especially for digital marketers looking for insightful content on digital marketing, customer retention, productivity, content marketing, and SEO.

Prior to Agency Vista, their Founder and CEO, Vitaly Veksler, founded and ran Social Report (now Traject) -- bringing a wealth of knowledge and resources to their members through the Agency Vista blog.

Popular Posts:

Word-of-Mouth Marketing / Influencer Marketing / Affiliate Marketing

6. ReferralCandy

Referral Candy Blog Image

If you don't already know, ReferralCandy (that's us!) specializes in customer acquisition through automated word-of-mouth referrals.

Our blog started out covering a wide range of topics, including content marketing, social issues in ecommerce, and more, but we're now focusing on word-of-mouth and ecommerce marketing.

Popular Posts:

7. Smart Passive Income

Affiliate marketing guru Pat Flynn has made a name for himself being entirely transparent about his income and how he does his affiliate marketing.

Read the Smart Passive Income blog to discover how you can excel in affiliate marketing too.

Popular Posts:

8. Charles Ngo

best marketing blogs charles ngo affiliate marketing

One-man band Charles Ngo has turned himself into one of the foremost gurus about affiliate marketing. Charles shares everything he knows in his blog, so you too can kickstart your own affiliate marketing journey.

Popular Posts:

9. Matthew Woodward

best marketing blogs matthew woodward seo affiliaet experiments

Award-winning UK blogger Matthew Woodward is a SEO expert and an affiliate marketing guru. He writes in-depth articles about the experiment he is currently running, so you can experiment with similar strategies as well.

Popular Posts:

10. Traackr

The Traackr blog is one of the best blogs on the Internet covering every single topic on influencer marketing, the art of working with people with large social media followings. Traackr also shares successful case studies of companies working with influencers, showcasing the power of this channel.

Popular Posts:

(Bonus!) Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy teaches 400,000 monthly readers how to “blog like a startup.” An SEO and affiliate marketing expert, Adam details how he makes over $80k per month from 100+ affiliate programs with detailed income reports. He also reviews the top tools needed to start a successful online business.

Popular Posts:

Content Marketing

11. Grow & Convert

growandconvert best marketing blogs content marketing agency

Benji and Devesh set the content marketing world on fire when they first announced that they were going to grow from 0 to 35,000 visitors in only 6 months.

They've since pivoted to a full-fledged content marketing agency, but the articles they produce about content marketing is still world-class, actionable and best of all, based in reality.

Popular Posts:

12. Intercom - Inside Intercom (blog) and the Intercom on... Series

best marketing blogs - inside intercom blog intercom.io and library

For me, it started with Intercom on Product Management, an honest, detailed guide to product management. That heralded the rise of Intercom as an authoritative voice on building products and software success, the launch of the book series and yet another content marketing powerhouse.

Popular Posts:

13. BuzzSumo

Well-loved by content marketers, the BuzzSumo tool provides data on the most popular content on the Internet. This allows content marketers to keep up-to-date on what is working, and what isn't.

This large volume of data also allows BuzzSumo to publish articles based on what they've analyzed.

Popular Posts:

14. Content Marketing Institute

content marketing institute best marketing blogs

Arguably the blog that coined the term content marketing, the Content Marketing Institute is a must-read for anybody serious about learning content marketing. It consists of a blog, multiple events throughout the year and even a magazine for content marketing education.

Popular Posts:

15. Animalz

Run by the former Head of Marketing at Vero, Jimmy Daly continues his content marketing philosophy by transforming the Animalz blog in a wealth of information about how to excel in content marketing.

Popular Posts:

16. Orbit Media

orbit media best marketing blogs content marketing blogging andy crestodina

Andy Crestodina is a veteran in the blogging and content marketing industry, and his experience shows in the Orbit Media blog. Andy dishes out practical tips for content marketing and even design and analytics.

Popular Posts:


16. Ahrefs

One of the most highly-rated SEO blogs on the Internet, Tim Soulo and Joshua Hardwick manages the blog - ensuring that every single piece is world-class, and educates their users on how to use their tools better.

Popular Posts:

17. Backlinko

Brian Dean bursted onto the SEO scene several years back, and has never looked back since. Even though there are only about 30+ posts on Brian's blog, each post is in-depth, actionable and contains every single thing you need to know about a particular topic.

Popular Posts:

18. Webris

Webris is the SEO company owned by Ryan Stewart, the SEO guy obsessed with being the best at internet marketing. Even though Webris has since been acquired by I'm From The Future, another SEO agency, Webris still produces top-notch content dedicated to educating SEOs on what's working.

Popular Posts:

19. Moz

moz blog best content marketing seo

The granddaddy of SEO blogs, many current SEOs credit the Moz blog as the spark that lit their SEO flames.

The best part is that the Moz blog has never lost its steam despite publishing for so many years.

Popular Posts:

20. Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker, started by Gael Breton and Webster is a website dedicated to teaching readers how to build authority sites. To build an authority site requires you to understand and excel in SEO, which means Authority Hacker dedicates a lot of its time into teaching SEO tactics and strategies.

Popular Posts:


21. Copy Hackers

Run by Joanne Wiebe, CopyHackers is a site fully focused on the art of conversion copywriting. Unlike many copywriting websites secretly disguised as make-money-online sites, CopyHackers creates in-depth guides and case studies on how to use words to improve conversions.

Popular Posts:

22. Enchanting Marketing

enchanting marketing henneke duistermaat

Run by Henneke Duistermaat, this blog shares about how to write more persuasively. (I'm subscribed to her newsletter!)

Popular Posts:

23. Goins, Writer

Focusing more on the art and science of being a full-time writer, Jeff Goins still shares plenty of tips that copywriters can use to turn their words into cash.

Popular Posts:

24. The Gary Halbert Letter

Despite its oldschool, outdated look, this site has kickstarted the careers of more copywriters than you can count. Gary Halbert (RIP), one of the best copywriters in the world uploaded his previously-paid physical newsletters onto the Web for free, educating tons of copywriters on the art of money-making copywriting.

Popular Posts:

25. The Rant by John Carlton

The blog of famous copywriter John Carlton, there are plenty of copywriting tips (as well as his rants) on the state of writing and marketing.

Popular Posts:

Email Marketing

26. Sumo

Sumo, run by the popular entrepreneur Noah Kagan is an email popup software used by thousands of bloggers and ecommerce stores worldwide.

Their blog teaches you everything you need to know to succeed at email marketing (as well as tons of other highly actionable internet marketing guides, top lead magnets, and segmentation campaigns.)

Popular Posts:

27. OptinMonster

Sumo's competitor, OptinMonster also writes a mean blog about email marketing.

Popular Posts:

28. Litmus

The email marketing industry is a competitive field, but that only means good things for us as email marketing blogs fight to create the best content.

Litmus is no exception, having a world-class blog on email marketing.

Popular Posts:

29. Benchmark

Benchmark has a beautifully designed blog that teaches you everything you need to know about email marketing.

Popular Posts:

30. ConvertKit

A "latecomer" to the game of email marketing, ConvertKit has proved naysayers wrong by growing at a rapid rate in a short span of years.

Their blog now focuses on email marketing and other various aspects of marketing.

Popular Posts:

Social Media Marketing

31. Buffer

The Buffer blog delivers articles with effective and actionable social media tips to help you get ahead of the game.

Alfred Lua maintains the blog, ensuring that it delivers quality content to readers.

Popular Posts:

32. Sprout Social

SproutSocial makes it easy for you to manage your social media, and learn from your data whether your efforts are working.

Popular Posts:

33. Hootsuite

Similar to Buffer, Hootsuite's blog covers everything social media-related.

Popular Posts:

34. Jenn's Trends

Social media guru Jenn Herman runs this blog, sharing everything she knows about social media (with specific emphasis on Instagram marketing).

Popular Posts:

35. Mari Smith

Mari Smith is a Facebook marketing guru that is even recognized by Facebook themselves. Read her blog to stay updated on everything Facebook, and how best to make use of the platform.

Popular Posts:

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

36. ConversionXL

As the name suggests, ConversionXL's aim is to help readers optimize their conversion rates.

At the head of ConversionXL is Peep Laja, a self-professed "conversion optimization junkie". He is also the founder of Markitekt, a data-driven agency that helps ecommerce and SaaS companies grow.

Popular Posts:

37. Unbounce

The poster child of successful content marketing, the Unbounce blog has been featured in bestselling marketing books like Traction.

Popular Posts:

38. Conversion Rate Experts

The Conversion Rate Experts blog focuses on only writing about content that they have experience with.

Popular Posts:

39. Invesp

The Invesp blog has been around for some time, and is one of the best blogs out there about CRO.

Popular Posts:

40. VWO

The VWO blog focuses on covering real-world conversion experiments that have yielded results.

Popular Posts:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

41. Ads Espresso

AdsEspresso is a blog that focuses on covering everything Facebook ads-related.

Popular Posts:

42. Wordstream

The Wordstream blog focuses on making PPC easy.

Popular Posts:

43. Jon Loomer

Facebook marketing guru Jon Loomer helps readers and clients optimize their Facebook ads.

Popular Posts:

44. PPC Hero

PPC Hero is the blog managed by Hanapin Marketing, an enterprise-level marketing agency. PPC Hero was born when Hanapin Marketing realized that there was plenty of blogs about SEO, but none truly dedicated to PPC marketing.

Popular Posts:

45. Klient Boost

KlientBoost is a PPC agency that wants to help your business make money money.

Popular Posts:

Growth Marketing

46. Matthew Barby

Matthew Barby is the Head of Growth at Hubspot, and in his spare time (I don't even know where he gets his time), he shares everything he knows about SEO and growth marketing.

47. Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan is the Chief Sumo of Sumo Group, where he has grown several businesses to 8-figures in revenue. Okdork is the blog where he shares the strategies, insights and mindset needed to replicate his success.

Popular Posts:

48. Kevin Indig

Kevin is the SEO Lead at Atlassian, the company behind beloved products like Trello, Hipchat and Jira. This is his personal blog where he shares what he has learnt from his years of experience growing the user base of multiple SaaS companies.

Popular Posts:

49. Brian Balfour

Brian is the CEO of Reforge, and the ex-VP Growth at Hubspot. Brian doesn't publish regularly, but when he does, it's always pure gold.

Popular Posts:

50. Casey Winters

Casey Winters is a scaling and growth advisor to multiple startups, and this blog shares his thoughts and ideas on growth marketing.

Popular Posts:

51. GrowthLab

New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi decided to start GrowthLab in order to focus more on his growing interest in entrepreneurship, digital marketing and the ability to live a Rich Life.

GrowthLab is a blog dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find the real stories and tactics behind sustainable online business growth.

Popular Posts:


52. Occam's Razor

Avinash Kaushik is the digital marketing evangelist at Google, and is the co-founder of Market Motive. This is his blog where he shares his thoughts about web analytics and analysis.

Popular Posts:

53. The Data Driven Blog

the data driven blog

Jeff Sauer is a web analytics expert, and his blog is a one-stop-shop on understanding web analytics and using it to inform your SEO and PPC efforts.

Popular Posts:

54. Web Analytics World

Web Analytics World is one of the leading blogs on web analytics.

Popular Posts:

55. Neil Patel

neil patel blog

Like his main product, Neil Patel's blog is known for he's data and analytics articles.

He also has three main categories: Infographics, Marketing Guides, and Webinars. These ensure that you'll always get the latest information in their most digestible forms!

Popular Posts:

56. Online Behavior

Online Behavior was a site dedicated to helping small business owners understand how their customers behave online. But, unfortunately, they have shut their website down.

Popular Posts:

  • Google Tag Manager: A Step-By-Step Guide
  • Google Analytics Content Experiments - A Guide To Website Testing
  • Google Analytics Demographics & Interests Reports

57. Nightwatch blog

Nightwatch blog is dedicated to SEO professionals, digital marketing agencies and business owners focused on leveling up their marketing game. The blog covers a wide range of topics, including in-depth marketing and SEO case studies, and growth hacking lessons from the Nightwatch team.

The content presents a unique perspective on the world of online marketing and is always packed with actionable tips for marketers and business owners.

Popular posts:

58. Ucraft

Ucraft is a drag and drop website builder, offering customers great packages either for free or for a small annual fee. Aside from adding features to their product and designing templates, Ucraft also runs a blog where the company’s content writers post about marketing trends, campaigns and other relevant topics.

Popular posts:

These blogs are excellent entry points to leaner and meaner marketing. Let us know if there are any particular blogs you feel should be on this list.

Happy reading!

Si Quan Ong
Si Quan Ong

Si Quan is ReferralCandy's Content Marketing Manager. He is also the co-founder of BreakDance Decoded, an online breakdance training company. He loves standup comedy, and has a dream to visit at least 100 countries in his lifetime.

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