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66 Content Marketing Statistics That You Need to Know

If the work you do relies heavily on the Google algorithm, odds are that you noticed the drastic and frequent changes that occurred in 2019. Because of these changes, more sites shifted towards prioritizing...

Word of Mouth Marketing: How To Build a Strategy That Works

The last time I purchased something online, I purchased the starter pack of these produce bags by The Swag. My boyfriend’s sister had some and said they were amazing, kept her produce fresher for longer...

Once Upon a Time…: 12 Narratives Used In Marketing

The last principle of the STEPPS model is Storytelling. Why do we all love to tell and listen to stories? We share stories for several reasons: To gain social currency To share a certain emotion with someone...

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Freshen up on your content marketing strategy with these case studies and guides. Increase the effectiveness of each of your acquisition channels with a solid content marketing plan. This is a good place to start.

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