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Designing for 5 types of Ecommerce Shoppers [Infographic]

Christine Neo
Christine Neo
September 17, 2014
2 min read
Designing for 5 types of Ecommerce Shoppers [Infographic]

Designing your shop based on evidence-based user experience research is incredibly valuable to retailers. The Nielsen Norman Group has been doing just that. When we found their "Designing for 5 Types of E-commerce Shoppers" post, we knew we had to give it our visual treatment to complement their helpful article to identify the 5 main types of ecommerce shoppers out there and their buying habits and the processes you can implement to enhance their shopping experiences. Enjoy!

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Designing for 5 types of Ecommerce ShoppersPresentation Transcript

According to the Nielson Norman Group, there are 5 main types of e-commerce shoppers. To increase your sales, you'll need to understand their needs well. You can apply this understanding to the site to accommodate them

1. PRODUCT FOCUSED: “I know exactly what I want. I am goal-oriented and I need the site to give it to me quickly.”

  • DO THIS: Provide easy access to previously purchased items for simple reorder Clear identification of each product through descriptive names and clear product images.
  • DO THIS: A streamlined checkout to allow them to make purchases as painless as possible

2. BROWSERS: “I love spending time on your store to find inspiration and I will buy something from your shop if I like what I see.”

  • DO THIS: Browsers want to see what's new, what's popular and what's on sale, Provide sharing widgets to allow browsers to share their favorite finds with their friends

3. RESEARCHERS: “I have a problem that your product may solve, but I'm not buying your product until I've thoroughly compared it with all the other options.”

  • DO THIS: Trust is important in online transactions. If Researchers see that your site offers detailed product descriptions, excellent support, and clear navigation, they’re more likely to buy from your site. Convert Researchers into buyers by becoming a reliable source of infomation.
  • Enable user reviews for social proof Easy-to-edit shopping carts that retain products between visits.

4. BARGAIN HUNTERS “I love bargains. Show me a bargain and I'm there. I spend time looking for the best deals.”

  • DO THIS: BARGAIN HUNTERS Make it easy for 'Bargain Hunters' to redeem coupons.
  • BARGAIN HUNTERS DO THIS: Displaying sale items alongside full-priced inventory, as well as providing a clear section for discounted items. Do whatever it takes to make them feel like they're getting a bargain.

5. ONE-TIME SHOPPERS: “I want to buy something, but I'm not super obsessed about the details. I have other things to do.”

  • One-Time Shoppers need to trust you quickly to provide you with their personal and financial information. Provide relevant company and contact information to allay their fears.
  • These shoppers are not familiar with the site that they’re visiting, or even, in many cases, with the products the site carries. They appreciated sites that allowed them to make a purchase without requiring them to create an account.
Christine Neo
Christine Neo

Christine Neo is the co-founder of WOLF Magazine. An accomplished illustrator and designer, her work has been featured in exhibitions in Singapore.

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