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10 Tips to Create a Popular Newsletter for your Ecommerce Brand [With 14 Examples]

A great newsletter feels like correspondence from a friend. You look forward to hearing what’s going on in their life. They share new information that you’re interested in. You get to learn more about them...

Klaviyo Integration: Post-Purchase Events and more

ReferralCandy now integrates with Klaviyo! Klaviyo is a marketing platform for eCommerce with powerful tools for email marketing, social media and SMS. As a marketing platform, Klaviyo has helped to grow more...

How Morning Brew’s Referral Program Helped Grow Their Subscriber List to 2 Million in 5 Years

The aim of growing an email list is simple: the more subscribers you have, the better the chances of turning them into paying customers. The best way to figure out how to get more subscribers (and customers)...

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Boost your most important customer acquisition channel with a robust email marketing plan that your audience can't help but subscribe to.

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