How CycleBoard Creates Brand Ambassadors and Loyal Customers With ReferralCandy

How CycleBoard Creates Brand Ambassadors and Loyal Customers With ReferralCandy

Referral program top line results

  • Customers generated $700,000 in referral sales
  • Referrals were responsible for 9.5% of all transactions
  • CycleBoard uses ReferralCandy to power its Test Drive program and reward ambassadors and content creators
ReferralCandy - CEO, CycleBoard recommend ReferralCandy referral program software
"ReferralCandy’s platform has significantly impacted how we monitor and engage customer loyalty. It doesn't matter how great your product or marketing is if your customers aren’t talking about it, there's nothing stronger than someone loving your product and telling their friends about it!"

Phil LaBonty
CEO, CycleBoard

About CycleBoard

CycleBoard is a cutting-edge consumer electronics company that has been designing and manufacturing personal scooters since 2015.

Customers love riding their CycleBoard for a stress-free daily commute; because it minimizes their carbon footprint; or simply because riding a CycleBoard feels just like snowboarding or surfing.

CycleBoard has built a strong community around the brand. Customers are also enthusiasts, sharing their love for the brand on their social media - and the company showcases and reposts these community pictures. The brand even launched a crowdfunding campaign inviting enthusiasts to own a piece of their company.

In 2016, a year after their launch, CycleBoard started a referral program using ReferralCandy to super-charge word-of-mouth and tap into the love from the community. Here’s how they did it.

CycleBoard’s referral program results with ReferralCandy

CycleBoard has been using ReferralCandy since 2016, and are happy with the amazing results:

  • Over US$700,000 in referral sales over five years. This represents a return-on-investment of over 4000%.
  • Over 11,000 customers enrolled with the referral program. One customer has even referred over 100 new customers.
  • Referrals were responsible for 9.5% of all transactions. This is higher than the industry standard of 2.35%
cycleboard referralcandy case study landing page
CycleBoard’s beautiful referral landing page

A key decision CycleBoard made was to allow customers to earn an unlimited number of referral rewards. This meant that existing CycleBoard customers would be incentivized to refer their friends and tell as many people as possible, and this led to many users sharing their referral links on social media.

cycleboard referral tweet
A CycleBoard enthusiast sharing their referral link

Community creators are also rewarded for sharing the word about CycleBoard. One of CycleBoard’s top referees is a content creator on YouTube, who embeds his referral link on his video review of CycleBoard.

cycleboard case study youtube referral

CycleBoard Ambassadors and the Test Drive program

The CycleBoard team realized that a potential customer was more likely to convert if they had a first-hand experience of a riding board, and got to speak to a CycleBoard owner as well. To facilitate this, they set up the Test Drive program.

cycleboard test drive map

Existing customers can sign up as ‘CycleBoard Ambassadors’. Prospective customers can reach out to contact Ambassadors for a Test Drive and experience riding a CycleBoard themselves. CycleBoard even hosts a map on their website showing the location of CycleBoard Ambassadors.

CycleBoard Ambassadors are enthusiasts who volunteer their time to share their love for their CycleBoard - a bit like a micro-influencer. If the potential customer decides to make a purchase, they are encouraged to use their Ambassador’s referral link, letting the Ambassador have a reward for their time.

cycleboard ambassador facebook post
A happy Cycleboard Ambassador welcomes a new rider to the family
"We use Referral Candy alongside our Test Drive Program to boost awareness for the CycleBoard brand. Our customers can earn rewards not only by referring their friends, but also by offering test drives to individuals who are interested in our products. It’s truly a win-win for everyone."

Phil LaBonty
CEO, CycleBoard

Promoting the referral program to CycleBoard customers

CycleBoard also made sure to feature the referral program front-and-centre on its website. On the top navigation bar, there is a link for referrals:

cycleboard website menu bar referral cta

“Refer & Earn $” is also on their bottom navigation footer, as well as links to their Ambassador and Test Drive programs as well.

cycleboard website footer referral cta referralcandy
Our customers and community are a critical part of our brand and business, we utilize ReferralCandy to engage customers and create loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

Phil LaBonty
CEO, CycleBoard

Word-of-mouth and community engagement are key factors in CycleBoard’s business success, and ReferralCandy is proud to have powered a part of it.

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