Magical Butter: A Refer-a-Friend Program For Cannabis Products

With over 320,000 Likes on Facebook, Magical Butter is a notable player in the fast-growing legal cannabis industry.

While they have SEO and PPC as a part of their marketing mix, it’s word-of-mouth that really hits the spot for them:

The cannabis community is really tight-knit. When you have an industry with customers that like to hang out in forums and share advice, review products for each other, it just makes sense to have a referral marketing program.

Chris Whitener

Sales Manager, Magical Butter

Magical Butter is very active on many communities and forums, engaging with fellow cannabis enthusiasts and influencers.

Adding a referral program to the mix was the natural next step to get those enthusiasts and influencers to tell their friends about Magical Butter:

We really wanted to make it worth it for our customers. It’s something people love to use and love to talk about. You can see it from all the blog reviews and video reviews about us. So it just makes sense to get it in as many hands as possible. We use our referral program to keep it spreading far and wide.

Chris Whitener

Sales Manager, Magical Butter

ReferralCandy makes it easy for Magical Butter’s customers to spread the word. They enter their email address, then ReferralCandy creates a unique personal referral link they can share anywhere, from emails to private messages to social media:

Chris also loves ReferralCandy’s Analytics dashboard, which displays information about the performance of the referral campaign as well as details about the participants:


I love that you can see all the information you really need -- who referred, who was the referrer, the amount, etc. It also alerts you if you need to change something.

Chris Whitener

Sales Manager, Magical Butter

By putting the referral program in the hands of customers and fans who were really enthusiastic about the product, Chris found that Magical Butter was able to reach all sorts of new customers and get sales that they would never have gotten otherwise:

We’ve had a few ‘super advocates’ who drive tons of sales for us because they have are skilled at content marketing or write a lot of reviews. We might not have captured those guys without a referral program. There’s one guy in particular, he loves the machine so much that he just keeps writing about it.

Chris Whitener

Sales Manager, Magical Butter

In an industry that’s so dependent on word-of-mouth from trusted peers, ReferralCandy helps Magical Butter carve out market share by winning over new customers more effectively than their competitors.

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