Critical Pass: Referral Software for Study Guides

Critical Pass’ referral program has so far generated 24x ROI, and accounts for 10.42% of revenues and 10.05% of orders.

We’ve been using ReferralCandy for years, and it helps us capitalize on word of mouth referrals.

Nathan Kleiner

CEO, Critical Pass

Critical Pass sells flashcards for students taking the bar exam.

Since the cost of failing the bar exam is very high — personally and financially — Critical Pass offers a product that customers would be willing to invest in.

Our goal is to make sure we only have customers once. They use us. We help them pass. Then they never have to buy from us again. They’re so happy with us that they refer their friends.

Nathan Kleiner

CEO, Critical Pass

Founder Nathan Kleiner believes that their flashcards could help customers in one of the most crucial, gatekeeping moments of their lives. He knew that they had the potential to help a lot of people, which is why it was important for him to think of new ways to spread the word.

And so Nathan did what every ecommerce marketer eventually does: search for effective marketing channels. He tried ads on Google and Twitter. He blogged helpful tips and study ideas during bar exam season. He even set up an influencer program in law schools!

While these methods allowed the company to achieve a bit of success, it was organic word of mouth marketing that proved to be one of the best ways that Critical Pass could market their product.

By and large, people who are taking the bar exam aren’t taking an income. It’s 3 months of 9-5 studying. So we thought giving a dollar reward would motivate people to share with their friends and fellow bar exam takers.

Nathan Kleiner

CEO, Critical Pass

By providing an opportunity to reward customers who promoted their product, Critical Pass was able to expand their customer base.

We have a few power users of our referral program, who have driven us a ton of referrals, and they’ve made a ton of money with it.

Nathan Kleiner

CEO, Critical Pass

Nathan has used ReferralCandy for years to capitalize on word of mouth referrals. He loves ReferralCandy’s Analytics dashboard: it instantly shows him how many people are making referrals, and he quickly knows who his most important brand advocates are.


With ReferralCandy, Critical Pass is also able to send automated email reminders that contain messages that encourage people to refer their friends.

Nathan can set when exactly his customers will get invited to his referral program, and how often they’ll be reminded.

email settings

ReferralCandy allows us to help more people by spreading the word through referrals from our universally happy customers.

Nathan Kleiner

CEO, Critical Pass

Since ReferralCandy has automation features, Critical Pass’ referral program can run smoothly with the least amount of time and effort.

I don’t really go in the app, maybe 1 to 2 times a month. It’s been working without much intervention.

Nathan Kleiner

CEO, Critical Pass

As Critical Pass continues to help people customers in one of their most crucial moments of their lives, ReferralCandy helps Critical Pass spread the word and get new customers. This way, they can continue improving their products, with the knowledge that fellow bar exam takers will promote their business.

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