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Fashion Referral Program Examples: Recliner

Recliner is a New York based fashion company making “PJs and robes for the style-conscious individual.” They’ve gotten quite a bit of buzz.

Let’s take a look at their referral program:

They use a really prominent call-to-action in a massive banner image at the top of the site:


It simultaneously shows off their model wearing their clothes, so it doesn’t come across as overly pushy or salesy, either. (See more: 10 Examples Of Prominent Referral Program Calls-to-Action)

Click on the above, and you’ll be brought to the referral signup page:


They choose $15 cash as an incentive for advocates and $25 off as an incentive for referred friends.

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If you choose to share via email, this is the email you’d get:


The copy is quite warm and personable, and all the assets are very consistent visually. (See more: 6 Beautiful Examples of Referral Email Design)



All in all, a visually elegant referral program that nicely complements the brand!


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