How Branch Basics Uses Referrals to Share Its Brand Message

How Branch Basics Uses Referrals to Share Its Brand Message

Branch Basics referral program: topline results

  • Branch Basics generated over $1.5 million from their referral program
  • Close to 10% of revenue were driven by referral sales or referred customers
  • ReferralCandy has generated over 21,000 social media shares and 63,000 direct store visits

About Branch Basics

Branch Basics offers an eco-friendly cleaning concentrate that can be diluted to serve as an all-purpose cleaner: for surfaces, bathrooms, and even laundry. Customers begin with a starter kit, containing spray and mix bottles, and can purchase concentrate refills on a subscription basis.

CEO Tim Murphy sees the company as a lifestyle/media brand, rather than a cleaning products company. “We think of ourselves as a mission company, and we’re focused on getting the message out. The more we educate on health and wellness, the more we sell.”

The challenge: Getting the word out there

The biggest challenge facing Branch Basics is generating awareness of the brand. Compared to the cleaning products that dominate supermarket shelves, Tim remarks: “We are tiny, and nobody’s heard of us.

“That’s why all our marketing is dedicated to generating awareness and doing well where we’re at.”

Tim set up ReferralCandy with a two-pronged goal of generating brand awareness and driving new customer acquisition.

Branch Basics referral page
"Once influencers and our customers try our products, they do the work for us. Everyone falls in love and spreads the word genuinely."

Kelly Love
Co-founder, Branch Basics

Tapping into the power of word-of-mouth

Branch Basics made their referral program simple:

  • New customers got $10 off their first purchase;
  • Customers got $10 off their next purchase for referring a friend, which they could apply to their next order of concentrate.

Their simple referral program has driven some excellent results for them in the last 2 years.

The ReferralCandy effect

  • Over US $1,500,000 in referral sales: Referrals have generated more than a million dollars in sales for Branch Basics.
  • A referral rate of 9.57%: Close to 10% of all came from referral sales or purchases from referred customers. That’s five times the industry average of 2.121.
  • Growing brand awareness: ReferralCandy has driven over 21,000 social media shares and 63,000 direct store visits, helping to grow the brand.
  • Customer enrollment: Since 2018, more than 100,000 customers have joined Branch Basics’ referral program!
  • 4100% ROI: In a little over 2 years, Branch Basic’s referral program generated 41x return-on-investment!

Tim is delighted with the effectiveness of ReferralCandy, both in growing the customer base and getting the message out there. “Our biggest marketing challenge is generating awareness.

“Customers who try us turn into raving fans. Giving them $10 makes it easier for them to share about us and get the word out there.”

"We’re super excited about working with ReferralCandy. It’s worked really well in the background, and we’re proud of achieving a 10% referral rate."

Tim Murphy
CEO of Branch Basics

Branch Basics was able to make use of ReferralCandy to address their biggest marketing challenge: getting the word out there. They also acquired new customers and grew long-term revenue.

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